What Is Your Favorite Cloth Diaper???

Updated on September 18, 2008
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
6 answers

So I am taking the plung into all green baby'ing. I purchased the other day a Wholefoods the starter kit for the G cloth diapers. Now I am overwhelmed. In my Mothering mag (which by the way if you have never read I highly recommend for organic parenting it is WONDERFUL) there is an obunandance of coth diapers they recommend. So if you have or still do what have you found to be awesome??? I am looking for specifics epersonally...Easily cleaned covers and liners. Cute covers. Inexpensive covers.

thanks again!!

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I actually use a diaper service. When I was researching the greenest option I can across some information that said the services were the best for the environment. I am a former disposable diaper girl myself and I LOVE the cloth diapers. I use "Baby Diaper Service". They are great. I bought a few different covers from them and really can't say that any cover is better than another. Happy Diapering!



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There aren't any cloth diapers that are cheap really, but we like fuzzibuns a lot.



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I don't have help on cloth diapers, although I have looked at G diapers and was interested.
Congratulations on the birth of your 3rd.
I wanted to mention a book on cleaning green and with less chemicals. It even has tips on how to get the smell out of diaper pails. The cleaning products are fairly cheap and most are easy to find. "Clean House, Clean Planet"



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I switch my son about 3 months ago and he is 2. I am loving cloth. We do AIO's (all in one's - no cover), but thats just what works for us.
I have purchased ours from a stay at home mom who makes them and I love them. They are very trim and absorbant too. There is a lot of information and it can get overwhelming.
If you have any questions please ask.




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Congratulations on your new babe!

Hooray for cloth diapers! I really like pocket diapers. My favorites are Wahmies pockets and Nicker Nappies pockets. But all-in-ones are great for the grandparents! They are the most like a disposable and very easy to put on. I find regular cloth diapers with covers to be much too bulky. So they don't fit under my 11 month old son's clothes very well. For nighttime I use a Thirsties pocket/all-in-one with a Hemp Babies Little Weeds as an insert. At night I also use Rumpsters. They are an all-in-one diaper but an insert can be added. To be honest, I have tried many different brands of cloth diapers and have had great luck with all of them. The only problem I ran into was nighttime diapering. This took some trial and error to get it right, (by right I mean no leaking) which was difficult because of my nighttime nurser!

I would suggest making sure you do some reading about how to launder your cloth diapers. Most detergents leave a residue that will ruin the absorbancy of your diapers.

It might sound funny, but diapering with cloth is fun because the diapers are so darn cute!

Good luck!



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I am interested in the name of the magazine for mommies wanting to be more green! Can you send me a personal message? I am trying to "organify" our lives and this would be a great resource!


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