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Girls and Boys

D.B. asks from Spokane

i've been aching on this question in my head for quite sometime. Can a young female mother be a really good friend with a bunch of guys? i'm not sure how to really pu...


Need Advice

T.E. asks from Richmond

My son whom is 7yrs old.. Does not like to go out side much to play with the kids in the area, He luv to play his video game and watch Tv.. Should I be concerned that...


15 Yrs Old Son Seem to Hate to Be Home.

C.B. asks from Miami

I have a concern that I need some help with. I have a 15yrs old son and a little girl who is now 7 yrs old. My son is always so mean to her. He seem to enjoy being me...


Christmas Gifts for 7 Year Old Girl?

N.R. asks from Chicago

I know it depends what they're into, but any ideas for neat toys, activities, books, crafts or something you got a young girl one year that was a huge hit? What are y...


Should I Apologize? Long-Sorry

R.S. asks from Sacramento

My kids are active in a lot of different sports throughout the year and they are fortunate to have their grandparents attend many of their events. At a game this past...


Bad Dad

R.G. asks from Spokane

I am writing on here because I am at the end of the line with the situation that I am living in. I read advice of others on this site often and I wonder if there are ...


3.5 Yr Old Afraid of Thunder and Thinks She Hears It All the Time

G.M. asks from Boston

Any advice on this one? It took me 3 hrs to get her to go to sleep last night, she woke up early saying she hears thunder, would not nap because she is afraid of thun...


Friendship Endship

P.P. asks from Chicago

Me and my kid have been hanging out with my friend that has kids for quite some time. Recently, I had sort of an epiphany about this relationship and realized that i...


Spin off of Lilpiggietoes Question

T.N. asks from Albany

So, what do you think your KIDS would say (provided they're verbal), if we asked them what their mom is like? What kind of Mom do you have? Or something to that ef...


Need Advice on Diapers

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

i know i have been posted lots of question lately,but i really dont have who i can ask and probably you guys will give me better answer than the people i know since y...