Games for Kindergarten

Updated on January 21, 2009
V.B. asks from Sanger, TX
4 answers

Does anyone have game ideas for this age group that are easy and not too long? I'm helping with the class party and need some ideas for games. Thank you

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answers from Dallas on

What about good ole musical chairs? My son went to a b-day party with it and thought it was a blast!! He couldn't stop talking about it! To make "losing" easier at the party the kids got to pick a small treat from a bowl when they got out. They also played other traditional party games that were a hit too!



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a very fun game to play with age children is do you know your neighbor. You will need a large sheet that is as tall as the kids. Have the kids divide up into 2 groups. They should be standing in a line facing each other. 2 moms/teachers will need to hold the sheet up inbetween the groups so neither side can see the other. Then each group will quietly pick some one to stand at the front of the line. When the sheet goes down the first person of each group will need to quickly say the other persons name. The team that says it the quickest gets a point. Keep going till everyone has a tern, but make sure to shuffle the kids so the other side can not figure out who will be up next. A really fun thing to do is trick the other side and have the same person go twice. I have played this myself back in elementary and now do it with my church kids.

another fun game is to pass the orange
you get eaqual number of lines it could be 2 or 4. You start passing an orange or ball under your kneck to the next person. No hands. When the orange reaches the back person that team is the winner. It takes team work to get the job done.

another fun game is to have a 2 lines and have everyone sit down. The adult will then finger draw on the back of the last person. Each kid will then draw on the back of the kid infront of them what they think was drawn on there back. Heart, smiley face.. a letter, number...then it is up to the 1st person of the row to draw the shape on a peice of paper. Which ever team gets closest to the original drawing is the winner.

Have fun


answers from Dallas on

Duck-Duck-Goose is always fun.



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Hello V.,

How about pin the tail on the donkey... or something similar. Have fun! ~C.~

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