Christmas Gifts for 7 Year Old Girl?

Updated on December 07, 2011
N.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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I know it depends what they're into, but any ideas for neat toys, activities, books, crafts or something you got a young girl one year that was a huge hit? What are you moms of 7-ish year old girls getting for them this year? Would love to hear your ideas. Pogo stick? Karaoke machine? Trying to come up with things that are really fun and could be enjoyed for awhile. Any price range (within reason. she's not getting a pony!) Thanks!

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These are all GREAT ideas!! Thanks so much, everyone!

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answers from San Francisco on

If she doesn't already have a Razor Scooter - that'd be one of my top picks. Fun, practical, and much easier to take along in the car than a bicycle.

Other ideas: subscription to National Geographic Kids (IME kids *love* getting mail that's addressed to them), art/craft supplies, board games

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answers from Cleveland on

haha my dd is getting a pogo stick. at that age american girl dolls might be nice. does she already have an art easle?

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answers from Chicago on

Hey there!

Between Mommy, Daddy, and Santa my 7.5 year old will be getting the following:

Electric Guitar and mini amp -- great deal at guitar center (free shipping and 15% off coupon)

Snap Circuits Jr. -- it's an electrical engineering type toy w circuits and stuff with easy to follow instructions for kiddos (getting it through Amazon)

Nady Center Stage Real Microphone and Stand -- it's geared toward kids (my daughter loves to perform and sing, sing, sing all the time!!)

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books

Original Game of Life and Monopoly

Create Young Authors Book Making Project Kit by Grimm Book Bindery, Inc. (my daughter LOVES to write anywhere and all the time!!)

Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition

Some second-hand games for her Nintendo DS

Plus, Santa's bringing a few tiny stocking stuffers :)

Merry Christmas!!!

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answers from Nashville on

My daughter is 7 (she'll turn 8 next month) and she is getting:

Nintendo 3DS w/ Super Mario 3D Land & Fantasy Petz 3D
UDraw for the XBox 360
Smurfs DVD
Bizu Studio Mega Pack (the bead animal braceletes that turn into figurines)
Lots of clothes from Justice (her favorite place on earth)
Rainbow Unicorn Pillow Pet (from Justice)
Nano Block Dolphin Kit
Ivy & Bean books
Mad Libs (she LOVES mad libs)
Rainbow Scratch Art Kit
Science Kit where you carve a rock apart to find "jewels"
Taylor Swift's new CD/DVD pack
Taylor Swift's new perfume
A huge bin that I'm filling w/ tons of craft supplies & craft kits (she'll luv it!)
Glow in the dark stars for her ceiling

She is really easy to please right now. She loves reading and adores crafts. I'm thinking the big craft bin will be one of her favorites. Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, pom poms, glitter, tape, glue, craft paper, etc. She will sit for hours and make crafts! LOL

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answers from St. Louis on

scrapbooking, journaling, & any jewelry kit. Nail art kits are fun, as are painting kits.

What about music &/or an instrument?

Camera? & don't forget fun clothes!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't have a daughter, but my little cousin who is that age loves those jewlery making kits. You can probably get them for under $20.00 and I'm sure she would have tons of fun creating.

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answers from Chicago on

Playmobil - I started my girls when they were 3 and all my neices and nephews by age 4. ALL the kids to come over to my house play with these for hours. This includes my 12 yr old's friends (most of whom are already 13) and my 9 yr olds friends. A total hit for YEARS to come. And easy for everyone else to do - you just tell them "buy playmobil, the zoo/house/fairy collection" and just change which collection each year.

We even do Playmobil advent calendars each year



answers from Chicago on

We got my daughter a scooter when she was 7. It was something she asked for & she loved it. We also got lucky because it was unusually warm that New Year's Eve so she got to ride it outside. She was also really into American Girl at that age.


answers from Cincinnati on

I have a 6 1/2 yr old and she is getting:

The Target knock off American Girl doll with a few different outfits
Scrabble Alphabet scoop game
The ultimate disney doll set (barbie size of the Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Etc.
A deluxe kitchen set with baking tools, tea set, Etc (from Costco)
A v-tech digital camera
Little Miss Mufffin Doll
Easy Bake Oven
Crayola's dry erase activity center


answers from Visalia on

jewelry making kit. beads wrist bracelets are hot right now.

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