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Updated on May 05, 2007
C.H. asks from Grapevine, TX
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I am searching for the words to the girls hand clapping game "Chinese Rest." I have a brownie troop that is very interested in learning more of these games. does anyone know the words?

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answers from Dallas on

I think what you are looking for is on this website.

And here is what they have for "chinese Rest." There are 2 versions.

Version Numero Uno

I went to a Chinese restauraunt
To buy a loaf of bread.
They asked me what my name was,
And this is what I said:
My name is E.I., E.I. Nickelye, Nickelye
Pom pom poodle, willy willy whiskers.
My name is
FREEZE (thanks to Sailor Mimi)

Version Numero Dos

I went to a Chinese resturant to buy a loaf of bread bread bread
The waiter asked my name and this is what I said said said:
My name is Eli Eli
Chickali Chickali
Pom Pom Beauty
Extra Cutie
I know karate
Punch you in the body Oops! I'm sorry
Tell my Mommy
Don't wanna miss yah
Don't wanna kiss yah
Freeze! (players point to each other and freeze) [Thanks to Mary]

Hope this helps. Have fun.



answers from Dallas on

Do Re Me & You recently merged with Discovery Toys. DRM&Y was a company created by Kindermusik. If you have a DT consultant, you should contact her. If you do not have one, I am still signed up as a Discovery Toys consultant, but am not actively pursing business at this time-- just want to stay involved enough to help my own children and other parents who need items. Anyway-- with the addition of DRM&Y, we have a new hand-clapping game kit in the line. It comes with a DVD demonstrating the clapping games, a CD with songs, and then handy little flip-cards with the words to the different hand clapping games. I bought one to use when my girls get older, (ages 2 & 3 now) but have honestly not looked at it yet. If you were interested in coming to see the product, you would be welcome to do so. You can also look at it on my website:

Not trying to push or anything, just thought if this was something your Girl Scout troup enjoyed, this could be a fun tool for your group.




answers from Dallas on

I was trying to remember these hand games from when I was in girl scouts to teach my daughter. They were always so fun!!

If you know the words to any more of them can you post them!?! :)



answers from San Diego on

Is this familir?

Chinese Clapping Game:
Little Ming, little Ming
Little little Ming Ming
Up up
Down down
Left left
Right right
Front front
Back back
One two each
Ping-Pong ball!

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