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Games to Play at Fundraiser

E.T. asks from Tampa

I am in need of some quick and easy games to play or a place to et cheap prizes


Favorite Party Games

K.L. asks from Savannah

We are going to be having a party for our soon to be 3 year mold. Any favorite party games that are age appropriate? If they go with the theme, even better! The th...


Suggestion for Halloween Games

C.C. asks from Houston

I have to come up with 2 games for a Halloween party in my backyard. Probably wouldn't be too hard....but the three children are all boys....9 yr old and two-3 year ...


Camping - Food & Games

K.B. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to plan a camping trip with my husband & daughters (ages 3 & 5). We'd like to go to Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose. Can you give me ideas on simple...


Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 and 4 Year Old Girls

R.B. asks from Dallas

I must be the lamest mom ever because I often struggle with this. We rarely buy the kids toys but they normally have a lot because of all the grandparents / aunts an...


Girl Scouts? (Thinking About Joining a Daisy Troop)

S.M. asks from Washington DC

I am thinking about getting my 5 year old daughter involved in the Girl Scouts. I never did this as a child. I was wondering what other moms have experienced in get...


Theatre Manners (Live and Movies)

E.M. asks from Phoenix

Last night I brought my six year old to see the stage production of the Lion King. It was absolutely amazing and I am so glad we went! It is the first show of that ...


Fun for 4 Yr Olds

W.Y. asks from Detroit

My daughter is having her first sleepover next weekend since we moved into our new home. Both girls are 4 and a half and I was wanting to find something fun for the t...


Looking for a Church

R.B. asks from Raleigh

Our family has visited many churches in the Raleigh area and yet have found a good fit. We a looking for a welcoming church community for us and our 2 girls, ages 5 ...


Entertaining Toddlers on 12 Hour Trip

S.M. asks from Denver

We are going to be taking a road trip in the next two weeks and I am looking for ideas to keep my two and three year old girls entertained. I look forward to reading...