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Updated on September 12, 2011
A.S. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
17 answers

I am looking for board games or card games (anything non-electronic) that boys between 6-8 would enjoy. I am looking to buy my son a game or two that we can play together or he can play with his friends independently but I'm not sure which ones out there would keep their interest/attention, which ones would be fun for them at this age. Anyone have any ideas of ones they have seen boys really enjoy or ones that I should not even bother with, lol. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice : )

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answers from Houston on

Pass the Pigs. You roll 2 little pigs like dice and get points on how they land (on their feet, on their back, on their snout, etc).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My 8 year old prefers electronics, but he also likes Monopoly and PayDay and Tripoli (played with pennies). He also likes Battleship.

***ETA Apples to Apples! Definitely--that game is a HOOT!

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answers from Detroit on

Guess Who?
Apples to Apples

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answers from New York on

Uno, Life, Connect 4.


answers from Rochester on

Monopoly City is tons of fun because you get to build up an actual city in the middle of the board and it's WAY more fun than regular Monopoly. It does have a little electronic piece in it (takes one battery, I think)...but it isn't annoying and in two years we haven't had to replace it.

Of course, old school games...Mousetrap is fun (to build and play), Battleship, Risk...

Those are all I can think of specifically for boys (although my daughter plays them, as did I) but there are plenty more fun games...Life, Scrabble, Scattergories, Twister, Jenga, Yahtzee Showdown...

...also, check consignment stores, Salvation Armies, can find old games for so cheap. I just found my daughter a "Jurassic Park" board game and she really likes it.



answers from Kansas City on

There is a new Monopoly card game out and I know a group of teens/tweens (boys and girls) that LOVE that game! Sorry, Scrabble and a few others also have new card games that are similar. You can get them at Target or Toys R Us and they run about $5-8.

*I just reread your question and noticed that your boys are 6-8, my girlfriend's younger kids are 8 and 9 and they have been playing it for at least a year or two and are really good and love it! My niece is 15 and plays it too and also has a lot of fun with it! Just wanted to add that!


answers from Santa Fe on

My 7 year old son LOVES Break the Safe and Uno. Break the Safe has been a huge hit. I highly recommend it!!! You work together as a team in this game which is great too - no hard feelings with one person losing.



answers from St. Louis on

until last year, I bought my son a game or card game for each Christmas. It was a tradition & one we all enjoyed. He was the only one in our circle of friends/family to receive an actual sad.

What's really fun is that he & my niece are both 15 now, & on long nights they love digging out the supply of games & playing for hours. They each have their favorites:

Scrabble Slam, Scrabble
Uno, Phase 10, RackO
Mousetrap, Guess Who, & Aggravation (they consider these kiddie games, but still love to play them)
& my older son has a collection of Monopoly games...& they're all well-played.

We also play cards regularly. My Aunt/Uncle created a variation on Wild Card Rummy...which we all love. & We play poker!!! Oh, yeah!!



answers from Washington DC on

Minotaurus is a good game for boys. It is made up of Lego pieces, and my son loves it! There are other ones that are similar... same game idea, but different layouts. Might want to check it out!



answers from Seattle on

My 9yo has had the same favs for a few years

5up (dice game)



answers from Reno on

My boys loved Sorry and Battleship at that age. As they get older, try Risk, Monopoly, Clue, Apples to Apples, chess and backgammon. I kid you not, I've had summers where all the kids in the neighborhood were piled up in my living room playing Monopoly or Risk. From the screams and howls of laughter and agony it sounded as if they were playing their video games.

Good times...


answers from Austin on

The Magic Maze



answers from Honolulu on

The brand "Think Fun".... has GREAT games... for kids this age or younger and even for adults.
Their games are for ANY age.
AND it makes the mind think and uses creativity and problem solving.
Amazon has it as well as Barnes & Noble.
My kids LOVE their games.
It can be played, by themselves, just one person or with others.

I HIGHLY recommend, this brand.



answers from Washington DC on

My 7 year old loves Monopoly, Clue, and Life. I have been teaching him Chess, too. I also want to teach him Yahtzee! I love this age. My 4 year old actually played Clue with us the other night, too! Took forever, but he sounded out the words and matched the pictures to the weapons... I was amazed at the patience displayed by my older guy! :) Good luck! Family Game night is a blast!



answers from Chicago on

laberyinth (probably spelled that wrong lol) we just found it this year. love it.
blockus my grandkids are 7 and 9 and 11 they love it
13 dead end drive. your older one. the younger one will need help



answers from Dallas on

A buddy of mine gave us Munchkin Cthulu as a wedding gift...really? Yes. Anyway, it's a role-playing-game, D&D, that idea, but kinda quirky, kind goofy. There's a whole series of them with all different themes that you can mix into whatever you already have. It might be young for a 6 year old but for 8-ish and up I bet they'd have fun with it.


answers from Los Angeles on

My boys are 7 & 5...(8 & 6 in October, yikes!) and their favorites right this minute are: Battleship, Jenga and Poker, good ol' Texas Hold'em...turns out my youngest is a bit of a card shark :)

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