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Updated on September 16, 2011
T.N. asks from Saratoga Springs, NY
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So, what do you think your KIDS would say (provided they're verbal), if we asked them what their mom is like?

What kind of Mom do you have? Or something to that effect, with age appropriateness in mind.

I've got three teenagers, 19, 17, and 14.

I think they'd say something like, DUDE, DIRT, and MEH. (That is provided they felt like acknowledging the question at all.)


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answers from St. Louis on

Daughter: Pretty mom, real nice to me.

Son: Best mom ever, pretty, smells nice, crazy, funny.

Baby: hehehhehehehehe! (he thinks I am funny)

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answers from Canton on

Good question. I think I'll ask my 8 yr old tonight. I'll have her write it down, She needs to practice writing anyway for school. lol
They asked her at school before "What was your mom like when she was little?" and she wrote.... Special!! So I thought that was pretty cool : )

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answers from Los Angeles on

My children use these words to describe me:
Bad (when they don't get what they want)

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answers from Tampa on

I asked my 6 y/o. She said I'm pretty, takes her places she wants to go, gives her lots of hugs and kisses and that she knows I love her very much.

Not too bad :)

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answers from Washington DC on

According to my boys - I am:

Plays games with us

Beautiful (not sure what he wants now!!)
Drill Sergeant

Guess I should have asked them in different rooms, eh?

If I was to answer for them?
Drill Sergeant
Mama Bear

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answers from Topeka on

Here is what I hear from my 3
Oldest "your the best mom ever"
Middle "your mean mom followed with why can't I followed with my answer"
Youngest "luv you mommy,hugs, kisses, high five, knuckles"

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answers from Dallas on

Mine are still little enough to like me. ..hehe. I hope that doesn't go away! They regularly tell me what a nice mom I am and how much they love me. It doesn't mean they get away with whatever they want (in case it sounds that way!). Even if I lose my cool, they are quick to forgive and let it go. Overall they seem to think I'm pretty easy to talk to, be with, and love. Maybe it's just part of them being so young still!

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answers from Seattle on

I wuuuuuuuv you Teresa! ((Because I'm now saving this to my records. Wish I'd thought to voice record it for the days he hates me! ; Which, since we're hitting puberty, and adhd-puberty at that, he hates me at least twice a week on average ;))

My 9yo son says;

Happy. Joyful. Amazing. Annoying sometimes. Fun... oh... And best mom ever. Gotta go! See you later mom! (kiss, and outside to ride his bike) Don't forget to call the doctor! Love ya! C'mon dog, I'll race you!

Awwwwww. I'm all verklempt!!!

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answers from New York on

I already know. My son's very verbal. (Soon to be 13.) Here's what he has said lately:
1. You're a lot cooler than Dad.
2. My mom's got a really bad case of ADD!
3. "Who says you can't remember stuff, you just remember what you want to."
4. Why can't you play....
5. Why are you always busy?
6. Mom, be careful I don't want you to get hurt and die!
7. Go away, mom! (Usualy when he wants to do something himself and doesn't want help or when he's on the phone or talking to his friends on the computer.) lol....Yes, I'm an "evil mom"....I like to bug him.

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answers from St. Louis on

excellent! Both are busy/gone right now. Can't wait to ask them....I'll EDIT later 2nite!

24yo son: MOTHER in all connotations of the word, caring, bad aim when angry, ....& finally he hit..."Mom, will you please stop. You're making it too easy for me to mouth off". Whatever....

15yo son: evil, crazy, you believe in hard work, you keep track of too many things about us, a good cook when you want to be one - otherwise it's yo-yo for dinner, chaffeur every day for band practice before school, .....& then he said, "okay, that's enough, you're driving me nuts. Can we please go to the JV football now?" LOL!

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answers from Cleveland on

My 12 yo said, "Ummm, you're pretty good."

My 9 yo said, "You make the best pancakes."

That was it.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty special right about now! lol

Next time I think I will ask them when their noses aren't buried in their books and they actually look up at me when they answer!

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answers from Spokane on

Well, I told my 3 y/o I loved him and he replied "I love cookies"

My 7 y/o tells me all the time that I am the best Mom in the entire world and he loves me bigger than the universe :)

My SD has told me that she couldn't have asked for a better Step-Mom! Melts my heart.

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answers from San Francisco on

2.5 year old girl
you so pretty
you so nice
you my best friend
you so funny
you so mean

5 year old boy

WOW what a reality check! What a difference between boys and girls! BTW: we talk about emotions all the time.....the good the bad and the ugly!


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answers from New York on

My 16 year old daughter would say that I'm awesome. Really. She thinks I top all of the other moms she knows.
My 12 year old would likely say I was pretty good but not quite as good as dad.

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