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6 Year Old Keeps Getting Sick

R.L. asks from Detroit

I need some opinions here. My 6 year old keeps getting sick. He got mono in August, after an emergency room visit (since his doctors never tested him) and a few weeks...


6 Year Old Wetting the Bed

J.H. asks from Nashville

My son who is almost 7 wets the bed probably about 3-4 times a week on average. He goes potty before he lays down and doesn't drink water before bedtime. I am really ...


At What Age Can I Give My Child Bedding in Her Crib?

A.S. asks from Denver

Have any of you have gotten pediatrician advice at what age it is ok to give children their own bedding (ie: pillow, blanket, etc.) in their crib? My daughter is 17 m...


"Seeking Advice on Bed Wetting for My 6 Year Old Son"

L.A. asks from Portland

My wonderful 6 year old son is still bed wetting. We went through a phase where I tried hypnosis tapes, natural cures like teas (given in the morning) and withholding...


Toddler Bedding Twin Vs. Full

J.R. asks from Providence

I am in the market to buy toddler bedding and furniture for my daughter (2yrs). I was given a crib, and the crib I own is not a convertible crib. I was wondering ...


What to Do About a 6 Year Old Who Still Needs Pull-ups at Night?

A.P. asks from Anchorage

Our almost 6.5 year old son still needs to wear Pull-ups to bed at night! I have heard that it shouldn't be considered 'bed wetting' until the age of 6 so we've been...


6 Year Old with Frequent Croupy Cough at Night

L.S. asks from Hartford

My 6 year old DD has frequent barking croupy coughs at night which can last for hours. She seems to fill with mucus and often coughs until she vomits. When she vomi...


How to handle acne in a 6 year old?

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 year old daughter seems to have a mild case of acne or some other type of little bumps on her forhead and chin. She also gets black heads in her ears. I have m...


Help with Potty Training a 6-Year Old with down Syndrome

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Are there any mom's out there having a difficult time potty training their children with Down syndrome? My daughter is 6 years old and will not tell us that she need...


My 5 Year Old Wets the Bed EVERY Night

S.E. asks from Sacramento

Good morning ladies, I know this question has been asked several time but I'm going to ask it again. What do I do about bed wetting. We have tried everything from ...