Toddler Bedding Twin Vs. Full

Updated on January 25, 2009
J.R. asks from Smithfield, RI
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I am in the market to buy toddler bedding and furniture for my daughter (2yrs). I was given a crib, and the crib I own is not a convertible crib. I was wondering if you'd recommend getting a twin bed or a full bed for a first time BIG GIRL bed.

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answers from Boston on

Toddler beds are the same size as a crib so they get crowded quickly as they grow. We went right to a full size per the recommendation of my sister. She said get a full size because if they get sick you go in their bed instead of them coming to yours - you cannot lay in a twin bed with two people comfortably. My daughter loves the big bed. We put two bed rails on one side and pushed the bed against the wall. Now she has no rails and she's 2.5. Good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

Hi J.. I actually recomend a toddler bed at first than around 4/5 depending on how big your daughter is go to a full bed. A big bed is just to big for a 2 yr old.

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answers from Burlington on

Hi J.,

Pros and cons: Twin bed will allow less bulk to launder - more economical, environmental, and takes up less room in the bedroom. Full bed - you can lay down next to a scared or ill child when needed with the additional room.

I had a full bed frame and full futon couch/bed (from my single days) so I used them with my children instead of replacing them. The bed is a slat bed and the futon is similar to a slat bed in that both have slats going across the width of the mattress which eliminates the need for a boxspring. Boxsprings tend to wear out before mattresses. I have a foam mattress. I find it MUCH more comfortable to sleep on the slat beds with their spring mattresses than on my foam mattress with it's lousy boxspring. I'm highly interested in replacing my bed frame with a slat bed and getting rid of the boxspring.

I used rails to keep my sons from falling out of their full size beds. Even though the beds are roomier, children still fall out of them.

So twin size would be the most economical. A slat bed or futon bed is most comfortable, you don't need to pay for a boxspring, and you don't have to dispose of a boxspring when it fails. I think slats supporting the mattress allow the mattress to stay in better shape for much longer.

Hope that helps,
: ) Maureen

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answers from Hartford on

Both of my girls went straight from a crib to a twin size bed with the full matress and box spring at the age of 2. We just pushed one side of the bed against a wall and put up a bed rail on the other side. The bed rail was the kind that can be put down during the day. I think I got it at the Christmas Tree Shops for ten dollars and it has been used for both of my kids. Neither of them ever fell out of bed or had trouble climbing up,but each child is different.

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answers from New London on

We just put our 2 year old daughter in a twin bed. I thought about getting a toddler bed, but then I thought do I really want to buy 2 more beds or just one. We got a very low to the ground twin bed from ikea so she can climb in and out herself and then put a rail on the side.

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