6 Year Old Keeps Getting Sick

Updated on December 16, 2010
R.L. asks from Farmington, MI
10 answers

I need some opinions here. My 6 year old keeps getting sick. He got mono in August, after an emergency room visit (since his doctors never tested him) and a few weeks the worst symptoms were over. Then in September he had an upper respiratory infection, which eventually turned into a walking pneumonia by October. In November, another trip to the ER, he had an actual pneumonia. A few days after finishing the antibiotics for this, he got a 4 day viral infection. He is always tired, and I feel like he has had a fever more than not over the last half of this year. After the last viral infection his doctor tested his immunoglobins and did a complete blood count. She said that his white blood cells had increased the appropriate amount for the infection he was fighting off. I just have a gut feeling (and have had this for a while) that its something more serious. He is normally never sick and usually very energetic. Please give me any thoughts or personal experiences you have had, I'm at a loss - but know this is not normal! Help!

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answers from Detroit on

Does he have allergies or asthma? I'd go with your gut. Moms usually know. You can find another pediatrician and/or try an allergy specialist for a consultation.



answers from San Francisco on


I am sorry your son has been so sick~ Have you checked your house for mold or any kind of airborne illness stuff--cleaned and sanitized all of the bedding, walls, windows etc.? I would start there and make sure there isn't anything at home that could be triggering this. The next thing I would do is go to an immune specialist--not sure what that would be under but ask them to run some tests and make sure he is ok. If you have had this gut feeling for awhile, you have to go with your gut. Tell your dr. how you feel and don't stop until you find out what is wrong. I hope everything is ok. I am sending good healing thoughts and prayers your way....




answers from Detroit on

some thoughts....
does anyone around him smoke? second-hand smoke can cause alot of issues.
any viral or bacterial infection can turn into pneumonia. sometimes the correct antibiotics are not used. each infection may be susceptible to a different medication, and if the wrong antibiotic is used, the infection will just come right back.
viruses are not treated with antibiotics since they don't help.
is this his first year in school? often kids will bring home tons of garbage from other kids.
was he a premature baby? they are more susceptible to issues, especially respiratory.
how often have they tested to see if it's strep? strep can become respiratory. maybe he needs his tonsils out.
hope that helps!



answers from Kalamazoo on

It actually takes many months to fully get over mono. My oldest daughter had it bad. A couple months after she got strep and then other things every few weeks. I made her go to the dr because I couldn't see her keep getting sick. They told us that she was vonurable for at minimum of 6 months after having the mono. So we have still been dealing with this and she is finally pretty healthy. Mono does mess with the immune system badly.



answers from Detroit on

I would have him checked when hes healthy and also maybe a 2nd opinion.



answers from Detroit on

I say go with your gut feeling and find another doctor. As a mom we seem to know these things. You need to keep pushing until you find out the real answer. That is a lot for a 6 year old to be sick and the poor thing.......feeling that bad for so long!!! Good luck



answers from Atlanta on

HI R.,

Mono will weaken the immune system as do antibiotics. He's more susceptible to respiratory distress when his body can't fight it off. I detoxed my home and removed the chemicals that weaken a body. I also think an absorbable multivitamin is necessary to rebuild the immune system. Upper cervical chiropractic care is specifically for the building of the immune system as well. I HIGHLY recommend you find one in your area and get an opinion. Go to upcspine.com and find one in your area if you don't know of one and interview them and ask them how chiropractic will boost the immune system. It did/and does do wonders for our family.

Just FYI, Elderberry syrup is good as an additional immune booster. It's simply food so it's safe and you can get it at any health food store. The immune system will work properly if it's not getting bombarded by outside interference.

Hope this helps...




answers from Milwaukee on

go with your mommy gut.

Take him to a specialist at your local Children's Hospital would be my vote. Or somewhere.

I agree - maybe his blood levels are good-but so what. I think there is more going on too.



answers from Detroit on

Sounds like his immune system needs some help. There are alot of over he counter supplements claiming to help the immune system BUT a trip to a good clinical nutritionist could be well worth it. I have seen a group in Grosse Pointe at the Alternative Healthcare Center. They are chiropractors and clinical nutritionists who work from the inside out, find the reason for whatever the problem is and solve it through good nutrition and whole food supplements. They are amazing. I haven't been sick AT ALL in 3 years! Go to www.ahccenter.com and take a look at the testimonials.All the best!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have to agree with the other moms and go with your gut and get another opinion the mono will weaken your immune system but is sounds like he just hasnt had the time or the ability to get all the way well. Maybe another doctor or specialist can help.. it cant hurt

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