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Phone or Not?

M.F. asks from Lincoln

Our son will be turning 12 next month and is really asking for a cell phone. He has started middle school this year, so of course we sort of saw this coming. The qu...



D.T. asks from Modesto

my husband is addicted to myspace.. and online chatting...as soon as he wakes up staight to his account. he lost his phone and was disturbed because he lost a day wit...


Daughter Not Listening to Cell Phone Rules

K.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have a teen daughter who I found out using Verizon that she was texting some guy in Nevada. A friend suggested she text this person she didn't know....I found out ...



K.H. asks from Chicago

My son is 9 years old and he wants a phine. I think he is to young and he don't really need one. I or my husband take him everywhere he goes and picks him up. He keep...


Tablet and Simple Phone Instead of Smart Phone

M.D. asks from Detroit

I have had a smart phone for a year or so and enjoy using it for email, facebook, navagation, and occasional information seeking while I am out and about. The kids (...


Cell Phone

R.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking to purchase a new phone and would like any suggestions on the brand/kind I should get. I want a touch screen, smart phone. I have my current phone thro...


Cell Phone

J.S. asks from Detroit

Good morning Ladies, I have Verizon for my cell phone service and I am looking to upgrade to one that gets the internet. Do you have the Droid (and which one) or ...


Cell Phone for Child

S.B. asks from Minneapolis

I need some advice. I have an 11 year old and bought him a phone. Who out there thinks this is too young ... please explain? And who out there thinks I should ...


First Foray in Cell Phone Calls for DD on My Phone

K.S. asks from Detroit

Well, I know many of you have faced this already, but today was my first day. 8-year-old DD met someone at camp, gave DD her phone number, and I gave her our number, ...


New Verzion Cell Phone

C.M. asks from St. Louis

I need help! I am eligible for a new Verizon cell phone (for free with new every 2)...but do not want one that requires a Data Package. I text and call.... a good cam...