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Asking for Other Mom's Input on How They Are Cutting Back During the Recession.

Hi everyone, Since we're in a Recession and hopefully the only time the market will be this bad during our adult lives, I would love to hear/share ideas of what other moms are doing to cut back on their family's expenses. On our end, we want to contribute the same amount to our 401Ks right now while stocks are cheap. We're not perfect, just trying to eat most of our meals in right now and consolidate trips to the store. I've also been buying diapers and wipes in bulk and am dropping my cell phone for a trac phone since I don't use very...

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Toys for 21 Month Old Boy

I have no idea what to get my VERY active 21 month old boy for Christmas. He already has balls, cars/trucks, an indoor climber/slide and tent, and a kitchen (his sisters's old toys). He LOVES vehicles, dogs, and horses. Does anyone have any good ideas for toys and books for me to give to his grandparents? (By the way, he also loves wearing his sister's princess shoes and costumes and playing with her babies, etc!)


Boy Party Favors

My daughters 1st Birthday is coming up and I am doing the whole Royal...


14 Year Old Nephew

Hi! I have a nephew who will be 14 next Thursday... I have no clue what he...