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Myspace Question Regarding My Teenager

T.H. asks from Killeen

Hi Everyone! I have a question for all of you SMART Computer people. My 15 year old has finally convinced her dad to release the "leash" LOL. She told him las...


What Age for Cell Phone?

C.W. asks from Washington DC

My 9 year old has started begging for a phone, claiming that all her friends have them (3rd grade) and bring them to school. My SIL said this is the norm for her age ...


I Have a Phone Phobia!

L.B. asks from Dallas

Can anyone else relate? I HATE to answer the phone. Guess it's from years of handling heavy phonework when I was working. Now I'm a stay at home Mom with a special...



C.T. asks from Spokane

Okay moms, I wasn't going to ask about this but it is driving me crazy. What do you do if you have a in-law who has a myspace page and she posted pictures of your chi...


What Age Do Kids Get Cell Phone? Smart pHone?

G.G. asks from Chicago

my son is going into 6th grade and yes he is in sports etc. He loves his ipod and his music and has it with him at most times. I am trying to figure out at what age ...


Does Cell Phone Use Distract from Your Parenting Responsibilities/attention?

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

I ask this question because I was really impressed with my child's learning center's decision to make it a no cell phone zone. The problem has been parents talking e...


What Cell Phone and Company Do You Use Specifically?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! I have the same cell phone from 6 years ago. Basically, it's just a phone! Being a business owner, it's time to take the big technology leap and get with ...


Cell Phone for 11-Year Old's Birthday

C.M. asks from Chicago

My 10-year old SD has had a cell phone for 3 years now because she goes to her mom's house and we wanted her to feel like she could call her dad any time (Mom didn't ...


Just Curious... Home Phone, Cell Phone or Both?

C.M. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I both have cell phones. We have been toying with the the idea of either switching our home phone (traditional land line) to internet phone, or maybe ...


Can I Use Your Phone?

E.W. asks from New York

Let me start by saying My husband has a bad habit of letting his friends use his cell phone ,,On this day my husband left to work he was late and left his cell phon...