What's the Best Cell Phone Deal????

Updated on June 29, 2007
L.S. asks from Orlando, FL
5 answers

Hello Moms,

I just started working outside of the home and we believe that we'll be needed a cell phone. We haven't had a cell phone while in America. We did when we were in Germany. We don't plan on using the phone much, just for emergencies. We don't want contracts at all or anything fancy. We just want to be able to be reached, due to us having children going to school. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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answers from Orlando on

Like one of the others to respond I have a Verizon family plan now, that I am very happy with, but I had a Tracfone prepaid when I lived in NY. If you are sure it will just be for emergencies, I think pre-paid is the least expensive way to go.

You can pick up a phone at Wal-mart (or other stores, or directly from the website, you can look around). I went to the website to activate and buy time. It was around $120 for a year of active service and about 1000 minutes (I'm not too sure of the details, since it was about 2 years ago). The phone worked well (again, in NY, but I have no reason to think it would be different here) and I never had any issues.

If you do go prepaid, you can get montly minutes, or you can go longer term. I would suggest the longer term, so you do not have to add minutes all the time. You do not risk your phone not working when you really need it.

Good luck.



answers from Lakeland on

I agree with another poster: stay away from Sprint and Nextel. I do have a contract, and can't wait until it's up so that I can get rid of them!



answers from Boca Raton on

Only down fall that I have seen with prepaid is that the minutes can expire if not used up.
Good Luck.



answers from Fort Myers on

If you only need one for emergecies, I recommend getting a pre paided account. I am sorry, I do not how to get it...but that would save you from any contracts and an extra bill each month. I know you can put as much as you want...20 bucks, 50 bucks...and then the phone will tell you when you are running low. It is a great alterative to all the cell phone "plans" you get locked into.
Good luck!



answers from Boca Raton on

If you want something local then I recommend MetroPCS - I had them & my bill was never over $50 for unlimited minutes & such. I personally have a family share plan with Verizon, I love thier service ( I was the only one during the hurricanes that had service in my area) The downside of MetroPCS - if you go on a trip out of the calling area, you have to add a travel pack so you can make calls. Verizon, while you would have a contract, has some inexpensive plans & often free phones for new customers. Check out the websites - verizonwirelss.com ...MetroPCS you have to find a local storefront for plan info.

I had Sprint in the past & don't recommend them at all - service was spotty & their customer support was non-existant!

My friend has T-mobile & is very happy with them. try T-mobile.com

good luck & welcome! I plan on visting Germany one day...it's at the top of my list actually! Right under Italy :)
And thank you for protecting us !!!

...I forgto about the prepaid ones, good call!!
You can buy one at WalMart or Target, they sell the load cards too. You can even buy reload cards at 7 Eleven! the price per call is a little more but if you don't plan on using it often it would be worth it. You can also get them prepaid through Verizon & other mobile companies.

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