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Cell Phone Rules at Your House for Kids' Friends/visitors

L.T. asks from Houston

I'm curious if any of you have rules about cell phone use in your home when your teenage kids' friends come over. Whether your child has one or not is not what I'm as...


Looking to Upgrade My Cell Phone

A.K. asks from Madison

I am looking to upgrade my cell phone to an android phone. I have US Cellular and am leaning towards the mesmerize. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations.


Cell Phone Coverage

A.S. asks from Tucson

I will be moving soon to Tucson, and my husband and I are just wondering what the best cell phone coverages are.


Carrying Cell Phone?

K.C. asks from Boston

How do you carry your cell phone? I don't wear belts, and I don't always carry a bag. But I'd like to have it handy. Suggestions?


My Personal Cell Phone for Work

R.X. asks from Houston

My boss yelled at me yesterday for not answering my own cell phone when she called. It was a non-emergency. I missed the call and did not return it, as I have to pay ...


Teen with Smart Phone!!!!!

Z.W. asks from Chicago

My dd is 13 years old and really wants a smart phone. She is very responsible and will look after it and help pay for two thirds of it.Should i let her get one? She d...


Tween's First Phone?? S.O.S.

J.D. asks from Dallas

We're ready to at least explore having my 6th grader get a first phone - and want to do it very conservatively, perhaps a simple prepaid phone, with no camera or inte...


Has Anyone Actually Donated a Cell Phone Recently

M.6. asks from New York

I am doing some cleaning/going through stuff and ran across an "old" cell phone of my husband. It is in working order, only a couple years old, has a case - no real ...


Boyfriend's Cell Phone

D.D. asks from New York

I received a call from a woman saying 'I have a cell phone here that says to call this phone number if found'. At first I thought my hubby must have dropped his cell ...


What's the Best Cell Phone Deal????

L.S. asks from Orlando

Hello Moms, I just started working outside of the home and we believe that we'll be needed a cell phone. We haven't had a cell phone while in America. We did whe...