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Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

I have yet to see something about taking a stand against cell phones. My son has been asking, actually begging me to get him one (he is 16). We have gone round and round on the issue. He poses a very good argument as do I. I need some additional insight as to why he should and should not have one. He is a “good” teen as much as I can tell but I worry about the TEXTING that gets out of control, the phone calls in the middle of the night or alone in his bedroom, who is calling and how long or often is he chatting with a girl or his...

Cell Phones

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Email for My 9 Year Old??

Hi moms, my nine year old daughter wants her own email address like her friends. I am against it but don't know if this is the norm out there or not. I don't want her in front of the computer chatting away with people. I am scared of what she can do with chat rooms and the internet. If I allow an email address, do I insist on knowing the password so I can check on what she is writing and receiving? Is that invasion of privacy or good protective parenting? I am at a loss and need advice. I am a single mom, husband deceased so no one...


Too Much Texting

My 13 year old 7th grader cant stop texting! He would text 24/7 if he could...


Cell Phone Texting

Would like to hear from mom's with 12 year olds. She's an awesome kid trying...


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Mac or PC

Do you love your computer?? I currently have a Dell laptop and its getting a little tempermental. I am in the market for a new laptop. I am not sure if I should get a Mac or a PC. My husband is a computer nerd and has suggested that I get a mac. I don't do anything crazy on my computer. We have our own business, so I do business plans, financials, email, surf the net. That's about it. Sooo . . .I'd like to hear from you ladies . . .do you love your mac? Your pc?? Thanks!


Windows PC Vs. Mac?

We are in the market for a new laptop & I could use a little help. My...


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Ipod Mp3 Player ?

My son is turning 8 and is asking for an ipod. I know nothing about them, the different kinds or how much they cost. He did get a cheap mp3 player for xmas last year and his uncle downloaded some music for him but I could never figure the thing out. Do any of your younger kids have these devices? How do they hold up? Can you plug them in to something so you can listen to the music without headphones? How much does it cost to buy the music to download on them? Should I just get him a boom box instead, thats a little more in my comfort zone :...


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7 Year Old W a Facebook

My 6 year old's best friend (who is 7) has a facebook and keeps pressuring my daughter to get one. I think 6 and 7 year olds have no business having their own facebook. I am not at all anti-facebook, I have one and let my kids see pics of friends etc... but I don't know, it just seems weird for a kid that young to have one, even if their profile is on private. Am I being the mean mom here?


Myspace for Teens

My 13 year old daughter has been bugging the heck out of me to let her get a...

Video Games

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Almost 6-Year-old Wants a Nintendo DS or a Wii

My almost 6-year-old has been pleading for a Nintendo DS or the Wii, like all his cousins and some of his friends have. My mother-in-law really wants to get him one for his upcoming birthday, but my husband and I are not sure we want him to have one. We're concerned that even if we restrict his usage of it, it will be addictive and he will be less interested in his usual activities --- reading, art, t-ball, scooter riding, music, imaginative play, etc. He's the usual energetic kind of boy but we love that he has a creative and...


Wii or Not to Wii?

My husband and I have been talking for almost a year now about getting...


WII Game System

Just wondering what you other mommas think of a WII game system for my soon...


Wii or No Wii?

We have two boys, ages 8 and almost 12. We have never owned a video gaming...