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iPod For Third Birthday?

My son, about to turn three years of age, loves Irish songs, God bless him. We listen to the Dubliners a lot, since he loves singing more than the tunes. When I call him to say good night, he asks me to play some of the Dubliners' songs over the phone, so I know that he is really missing that music. My question: Because he lives with his mother, and I can only see him once a week for a few hours, and only have overnights every two weeks, can I get him an iPod or iPod-like device so that he can listen to his beloved songs when he...


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Ipod or Mp3 Player for 5Th Birthday?

hey ya'll! my son has really been getting into his favorite songs lately - unfortunately i have no use for an ipod or mp3 player so have very little experience with them, but i thought it might be great to get him one for his birthday (just a small one). he doesn't know too many bands yet, but has some songs we hear on the radio that he LOVES (that firefly song, and the lazy song lol). so much music is not really kid friendly so i like the idea of being able to pick and choose certain songs, instead of having to buy an entire cd. but then i...


Party for Teens

My 14 year old daughter wants to have a party with friends before they go...