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Cell Phone for 13 Y/o

D.A. asks from Los Angeles

My 13 y/o daughter wants a cell phone for Christmas. For many reason we've decided to get her one. Does anyone know what cell phone is popular amongst young t...


Cell Phone

J.S. asks from Cincinnati

At what ate should your child have a cellular telephone. My son (13) has been asking me for a cell phone all weekend and he says that all his friends have one but him...


Cell Phone and Email for Daughter

C. asks from Tampa

I am looking to get a cell phone for my daughter - but one that is very limited. I do not want text, camera, music, or anything like that. I only want her to be abl...


Cell Phone

S. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, My daughter will be 12 in about three weeks and although I was adamant about not getting her a cell phone until she was at least 16, I am now thing of ...


Cell Phone Usage and Kids

M.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Hi Mamas, I am in a blended family. I have been raising my stepdaughter since she was 8 months. For the most part things go smoothly. Her mom bought her an IPhone whe...


Could You Give up Your Cell Phone?

S.!. asks from Columbus

This is based off my earlier post... but I am sick of the drama of my husbands family with texting and calling. My feeling is if I am busy I will talk to you later, ...


Teenager Daughter and Cell Phone

K.M. asks from Norfolk

I have a daughter who is 13 and is constantly on her cell phone. She is addicted to it we believe. We got her one because with her activities after school, we reall...


iPod Touch?

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, I am not a phone person. My cell phone is rarely charged... I still use my home phone for most calls. Currently I do not text. I know I am "behind the...


Are You on the Phone....?

J.B. asks from Houston

Do you talk on the phone when you use the restroom? I do. And yes, that was probably TMI. My wife says no one does this, I say everyone does this......


Need a New Cell Phone

T.P. asks from Chicago

I need a new cell phone, have a htc evo now, like it but always wanted an i phone. I really do like the android though except size of the phone. Deciding between sams...