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Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

I have yet to see something about taking a stand against cell phones. My son has been asking, actually begging me to get him one (he is 16). We have gone round and round on the issue. He poses a very good argument as do I. I need some additional insight as to why he should and should not have one. He is a “good” teen as much as I can tell but I worry about the TEXTING that gets out of control, the phone calls in the middle of the night or alone in his bedroom, who is calling and how long or often is he chatting with a girl or his...


6 Year Old Boy/ ADHD

My 6 year old boy is loving, caring, sweet and smart but is having a lot of...

Cell Phones

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Websites for 6 Year Old

I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I am looking for some suggestions for websites that are age appropriate. We already go on Playhouse Disney and PBS. Are there other free websites for my children to visit?


Too Much Texting

My 13 year old 7th grader cant stop texting! He would text 24/7 if he could...


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Parental Controls on Home Computer PC and MAC

hello Mama's I need your help, my 4 yr old accidentally clicked on an "inappropriate" website, I just found out yesterday from my two older kids. anyhow not sure how it all happened and I was happy to know that the older kids seemed to handle the situation well by going to a different website as soon as they got over the shock of what they saw, (one of my boys was very descriptive so I have a pretty good idea of what they saw). but I need to find a good program that will keep my kids safe online, so that this doesn't happen again. I...


5 Year Old Snoring

My 5 year old son snores horribly at night. I have spoken with the...


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Ipod Vs. Mp3

My almost 13 year-old (next Monday is the day!) is at the point where she gets one big present and some little fillers. For Christmas, one thing on her wish list is an ipod, but she tends to be influenced by what her friends have. How does an ipod compare to an mp3? I have a friend who highly recommends the latter but I know most people have the former. I'd appreciate any recommendations, pros and cons and other feedback. The more specific the better (if applicable). Thanks.


Ipod Mp3 Player ?

My son is turning 8 and is asking for an ipod. I know nothing about them,...


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Myspace for Teens

My 13 year old daughter has been bugging the heck out of me to let her get a "Myspace". Her friends have them and she feels like it's a way to stay connected. She told me that I could have her password to get into the account and that it would be exclusive to her friends that I know only....I told her I would think about it. I have been totally against having a Myspace for years. I didn't see the point and surely didn't have the time...Well several of my friends from back home told me that our classmates have been reconnecting through...

Video Games

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Almost 6-Year-old Wants a Nintendo DS or a Wii

My almost 6-year-old has been pleading for a Nintendo DS or the Wii, like all his cousins and some of his friends have. My mother-in-law really wants to get him one for his upcoming birthday, but my husband and I are not sure we want him to have one. We're concerned that even if we restrict his usage of it, it will be addictive and he will be less interested in his usual activities --- reading, art, t-ball, scooter riding, music, imaginative play, etc. He's the usual energetic kind of boy but we love that he has a creative and...


Wii or Not to Wii?

My husband and I have been talking for almost a year now about getting...


Wii or No Wii?

We have two boys, ages 8 and almost 12. We have never owned a video gaming...


WII Game System

Just wondering what you other mommas think of a WII game system for my soon...