Drugs: The First Years

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Alcohol in College

J.S. asks from New York

My daughter will be a junior in college. During high school she was not a big party-goer and has always been a chipper, bright, positive person. She still is - althou...


No Alcohol at July 4Th Party

S.Q. asks from Chicago

We host an annual 4th of July party for about 50-60 people including friends, family and neighbors. In the past, drinks flowed from about noon until the wee hours of ...


Did You Drink Alcohol When You Were Pregnant????

N.G. asks from Los Angeles

A couple of weekends ago, I was at a wedding of a friend that got married. One of the bridesmaids, 32 yrs old, was 6 months pregnant (Info I Maid of Honor told me). S...


How to Cope with Hunband Who Drinks Beer and Smokes pot-Hard Working Not a Loser

L.S. asks from San Francisco

I don't know what to say it just bugs me- he is not a alcoholic and he works hard - he is not belegerant or abusive-he just does it to deaden body pain and stop his w...


Drinking Milk from Sippy Cup

M.T. asks from Austin

My daughter was breastfed since birth. She rarely drank from a bottle...only when I was away which was not often. When we switched to cows milk at 12 months we intr...


13-Month Old Only Drinking Milk from Bottle, Not Cup

C.B. asks from Dallas

I have a mom friend whose 13-month old daughter will not drink her milk from a cup. She drinks water from a cup just fine, but when its "bottle" time, she'll only dr...


College: Who Pays? Child or Parent?

K.L. asks from Memphis

Do you think that a child's first four years of college is the parent's responsiblity if the parent did not save for it?


How Much Milk Should My Year Old Be Drinking Throughout the Day?

S.C. asks from Lawton

My daughter just turned a year old, and her doctor has said she can switch to 4% milk. Emily has been eating a combination of stage 3 foods during the day, along with...


Help!! 6 Week Old Will Not Take Bottle

L.M. asks from New York

my six week old has only been breastfed. I have pumped and put into a bottle but she still will not take it. My husband has tried to give it to her and she will not...


Seeeking Other Moms Who Have Lost Their Moms

N.P. asks from Denver

I lost my mother, my life, my rock, my friend on April 18, 2000. My birthday happens to fall on the 6th of the same month. My dad died on April 2 when I was 11 so lea...