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No Leak Toddler Drinking Cups

S.V. asks from New York

Hi moms,has anyone out there found a cup that does not leak.My 14 month old will only drink from a cup with a straw.He has tried sippy cups but prefers a straw.I have...


Sippy Cup

A.P. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have any recomendations about how to get my 8 month old to take water/etc from a sippy cup? I have been working on this for about 2 months and have not ha...


Am I the Only One with This Sippy Cup Problem

X.M. asks from St. Louis

My son is now 1 and his doctor told me to switch from bottle to sippy cup. We have been using the Nuby sippy cup for water and it really hasn't been that great. The t...


5 Month Old Does Not Accept Bottle

S.G. asks from Seattle

Hi All, My nearly 5 month old son exclusively breastfed till 3 months. After that i have been trying getting him onto bottle with no success so far. Have tried lot...


Sippy Cup

A.W. asks from Binghamton

I have a 10 month old daughter and we are having sippy cup trouble. I have bought 4 different kinds (gerber, nuby, playtex, and take 'n toss) and my daughter just ca...


Drinking from Sippy Cups

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 11 month old daughter is still nursing and has never taken a bottle. I did introduce sippy cups (nuby's) to her as well as take and toss cups with the straw about...


13-Month Old Only Drinking Milk from Bottle, Not Cup

C.B. asks from Dallas

I have a mom friend whose 13-month old daughter will not drink her milk from a cup. She drinks water from a cup just fine, but when its "bottle" time, she'll only dr...


14 Month Old Not Drinking After We Took Her off the Bottle

R.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, My daughter is not drinking milk from a cup (sipply or regular) since we stopped giving her milk in a bottle. At the advice of our pediatrician we stopped the...


Advice on Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

J.N. asks from Dallas

My daughter will turn 1 on Friday and I am having trouble getting her to drink from a sippy cup. I have tried several different kinds especially the nuby. She likes...