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Sam's Club or Costco???

M.B. asks from Las Vegas

I have been going to Costco forever which I love their products and especially their return policy, but now I live at the area that Sam's Club is closer than Costco.....


Sam's Club or Costco ???

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my friend took me to Sam's club this weekend and I liked a lot of their stuff.... So I went over to Costco and checked out their stuff and they also had qui...


Sam's Club or Costco? Is It Really Worth It?

S.C. asks from Chicago

So, I'm thinking of paying for a membership for either Sam's Club or Costco? I had a Sam's Club membership a while ago when we were a family of 3 (me, husband and da...


What Would YOU Have Done Question - Incident with Shopper at Sam's Club

♥.O. asks from Washington DC

I was at Sam's Club the other day. I'm standing in line with my teen daughter at the checkout lane waiting to unload my cart and there is a lady (probably in her late...


Should I Get a Sam's Club Membership?

M.C. asks from Detroit

I buy the following items quite frequently: Goldfish crakers, Life cereal, peanut butter, and diapers. I clip coupons, but find that I am running from store to stor...


Question About Sparkling Wine from Someone Who Knows NOTHING About Alcohol..

J.L. asks from Dallas

Hey Ladies, This is going to sound ridiculous but I need some advice about wine. I have never been a consumer of alcohol, quite frankly because I just never liked th...


Pulled Pork

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

So many of you have talked about your pulled pork recipes in the past, it's time to give them up! In the past I've always purchased Lloyds for $13 from Sam's Clu...


Enfamil Vs. Members Mark Vs. Target Brand...

M.I. asks from Orlando

I really would like to save money on formula. I'm currently using Enfamil, which is costing $100 a month. I've just ordered a free sample of Member's Mark formula -...


Juicer Vs. Blender/juices Vs. Smoothies?

S.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I was at Sam's Club and this guy was demo-ing a nearly $400 BlendTec blender that made delicious smoothies out of a bunch of fruit with rinds (watermelon) a...


Planning a Surprise 40Th for My Hubby

A.F. asks from Fort Wayne

hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas, info, websites, suggestions for a 40th surprise party i'm planning. it will be on the property of a frien...