Drugs: The First Years

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Husband's New Friendship

K.W. asks from Richmond

Hi, I am probably over-reacting, but I would love a little advice here. My husband has recently become online friends (thru MySpace) with one of my female co-workers...


Coffee and Breastfeeding?

R.G. asks from Reno

I have another issue, and that is through my whole pregnancy and 11 months of breastfeeding I stopped drinking coffee. Until recently. I am now having a cup every m...


Having Trouble Getting Pregnant Second Time...

M.C. asks from Chicago

...we have a son who is two and would like another...problem is, we don't seem to be able to get pregnant! My husband is 36 and I am 28. It doesn't appear to be an is...


Affording It All

J.V. asks from Chicago

It's that time of year when I do our 5 year financial plan, take a look at our long term financial health, and figure out our current priorities. Well, I just did ...


Proper Storage of Milk

M.B. asks from Rochester

I have been debating pumping for the past 5 months of 7. I am leery of the plastic and it's 'phthalates' and other garbage that is newly discovered in it. Now, I have...


2 Month Old Won't Take Bottle

K.K. asks from Boston

My two month old daughter won't take the bottle. We have been trying for a couple of weeks now, and have tried several different nipples/bottles (playtex drop ins, s...


Cup Suggestion

G.E. asks from Raleigh

My almost 6yr old is not careful when he is drinking from a cup so I continue to use the Avent sippy cups with the handles on each side. He recently told me that his ...


Need Bottle Recommendations for My Breastfed Baby

A. asks from Houston

We've been struggling to get our 2 and a half month old to take a bottle. We've given him a bottle of breast milk a couple of times a week since he was about a month...


Isolated from Friends and Support Network for Next Six Weeks - Sad and Scared.

N.H. asks from Minneapolis

My husband has a drinking problem. I have been aware of it for several years and openly talking about it with family and a few friends for quite some time. The drinki...


Does Anyone Else Sometimes Feel like This?

S.R. asks from Lincoln

Right now there is a lot of stress in my marriage. I am not sure what avenue to take. I have suggested counseling to my DH but he refuses. I am not sure what is go...