Can You Hold Your Liquor?

Updated on January 01, 2013
A.G. asks from Houston, TX
28 answers

I am somewhat of a lightweight, maybe a beer or 2 at a party. I love wine (my parents called it "the demon liquor")...the redder the better, but again, I can only drink a 1/2 glass before I start feeling it. I do admit even a small amount calms me down and relaxes me. And when I drink alot I tend to shut down and tend to be very quiet...I never get wild and crazy. I also love sodas, so I make an awesome DD.

How about you? Can you hold your drink?

Happy New Year! Wishing peace and safety to everyone.

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So What Happened?

Whiskey, rum and vodka...oh my! What's that saying....mix your liquor, get sick quicker?

Whatever your limit, whatever your poison, I hope everyone remembers to drink responsibly tonight!

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answers from Hartford on

Anything more than two servings of alcohol and I tend to get pregnant. Does that answer the question?

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answers from Chicago on

Back in my twenties, I could, but now, no. Nor would I want to. My limit for drinks is two per evening (if we're out - 1 per evening at home). I might make it three tonight. I know - livin' large!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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answers from Augusta on

I used to be able to drink most people under the table . my metablosim was so high I would process it in no time at all. I once drank a bottle of wine, and 6 mud slides,a jack and coke, and pucker shots and was still standing. I remember everything from that night. BUT now after I had my daughter and didn't drink for over a year, and I've gotten older my tolerance has gone WAY down. I'm good after one or 2 glasses of wine.

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answers from Washington DC on


WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back when...yeah...I could hold my liquor!!! I got into a drinking contest on the party train to Oktoberfest in Munich one year...people didn't realize how well I could hold my liquor and bet against me...I had a BLAST in Munich!! :)

Now? Oh heck no!!! Last time I had a Mike's hard Lemonade - that was about 3 months ago - I felt it. I was laughing because it was ONLY ONE!!! When I get drunk? I am a "HAPPY" drunk....and wwwwaaayyyy back when? I was a tad crazy too....go figure!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2013 be full of health, happiness and wealth for you and yours!!

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answers from Dallas on

I hold mine a glass in my hand. Once it gets in me, I'm a terrible lightweight. If I'm driving, my limit is a strict ONE. 2 makes me tipsy and like you quiet and withdrawn. If I want to be able to walk, 3 is my limit. I do make it a very strict personal rule to match my alcohol intake ounce for ounce with water. I drink a 4 oz glass of wine, then a 4 oz glass of water before taking in more alcohol. I tend to wake up with bad headaches if I don't stay well hydrated. It is a super rare, maybe once a year occasion for me drink more than one.
I've never seen my husband tipsy, so he always drives.

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answers from Washington DC on

and i almost never do.
not my particular vice<G>.
happy new year!
:) khairete

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answers from Columbus on

I'm having fun reading these - now I don't feel so all alone!! lol!!

I never have been a really big drinker but like a lot of the moms on here, as I've gotten older I can't handle much at all. And I NEVER drink while out!! I hate beer; never did like it!! I'll drink maybe a glass of wine in a month, if that. Once in a blue moon I'll have some kind of mixed drink if I'm feeling really crazy but that's not often at all.

I guess being hit by a drunk driver at 9:00 in the morning almost 30 years ago really turned me off to alcohol.

Happy New Year!!

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answers from Seattle on

Drinking is the ONLY thing that I am a lightweight with.
It's ridiculous.
I don't drink....maybe one or two drinks a year...and when I have just ONE drink I am feeling it.

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answers from New York on

Not at all. The 6 sips you get at a wine tasting make me too impared to drive. An inch in the bottom of the glass gets me warm, fuzzy and (my husband says) a lot more fun ;). That being said, I was at a friend's house a few weeks ago and we've been a little stressed out buying a new house- plus my period, etc, and I had TWO glasses of a YUMMY white wine. Ooooo, that was nice. But I couldn't drive home (the hubbs did). Sometimes it is worth it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

At 49, I can safely say my college drinking days are behind me! Lol
A glass of wine here or there or a drink with dinner out is about it.
Happily, "holding our liquor" isn't a big topic in our house!

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answers from Portland on

I can hold my alcohol because I know my tolerance level and hold it in high regard.;)

I can 'do' about two English pints of something with a lower ABV (we go to English/Irish pubs a lot) or one, one pint/one glass of something higher. Here in the land of Big Beer, it's important to check that out, ABV. Or a couple of hot toddies before bedtime, but two of something is nearly always my limit.

I also have a strategy when we go out: I might drink up to a third of a beer or a third of a glass of wine on an empty stomach, but no more until I've had a good amount of food, then I enjoy my drink after the fries/tater tots/meal/snack has been consumed. I might nurse a beer over the afternoon while I'm doing housework or cooking ( it grosses my husband out-- I can nurse a beer for 2-4 hours), but otherwise, I always eat if I plan on drinking.

We'll be celebrating New Years Eve at home tonight. For all of you who are heading out, please drive safe and sober.:)

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Not as well as I did when I was younger. But I know my limit, I pace myself, and if I know I'm going to be out and about, I stop WAY before I get a buzz.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I can generally drink 3-5 beers or glasses of wine over the course of an evening. I rarely ever have hard liquor, but if I do I might have a couple of coctails.

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answers from Chicago on

Usually, but since I'm pregnant, I'm a bit "out of shape."

I do stay away from whiskey or other dark substances. I can't hold them very well, mostly because I'll drink the whole bottle and then get aggressive.

But when I'm not pregnant or nursing, yes, I can drink with the best of them. I've always been a drinker. I can drink beer all night long without any problems, and a bottle of wine with a few puts me in a happy place.

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answers from Honolulu on

I can hold my liquor very well.
But I don't like to drink.

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answers from Minneapolis on

NO! One drink (even a wine cooler) has me buzzed, two has me asleep. I don't really like most alcohol so it isn't much of a problem :)

My DH can down quite a bit but when he gets drunk he gets really goofy and silly.

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answers from Erie on

Not that I'm proud of this, but I have been known to drink an entire bottle of Jameson in one day. Strong livers run in my family.
I drink more responsibly now, but I can drink a lot if I stay well hydrated and eat something every hour or so. I prefer whiskey, vodka or rum. Not a fan of beer or red wine, both make me ill. I like white wine, but it makes me feel bloated.

I can mix liquors, but not wine nor beer with liquor. I don't typically get sick after drinking unless I've been somewhere where people are smoking a lot.

We host a NYE party every year so no driving for us! We also offer couches and beds to those who need to sleep it off, but most of our friends come with a DD.

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answers from Tyler on

I can tolerate one drink if it is hard liquor. Red wine gives me an awful headache, so I avoid it and white wine hits me like a ton of bricks. I get VERY tipsy VERY quickly. Smartest move for me is beer, except for the waistline :) I will imbibe with a glass of two of champagne tonight, it may hit me hard, but I'm a ton of fun for about 30 minutes!! Happy New Year!
PS>no driving, staying home with my honey :)

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answers from Las Vegas on

Ha, your post is fun to respond to, but not to hit the post button. I feel like such a lush.

I drink wine and Barcardi (not missed - [kidding]). Five RC's is my limit before my cup spills over. As for the wine, I am satisfied after about 2 glasses. I never really feel there is much need to get hammered on wine.

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answers from Chicago on

I've only tested it once in my life, and it was when I was 19 and had never really drank before. I went to a NYE party right after getting off from work at 1 am, having not really had any dinner. My friend's friend was mixing screwdrivers, and I had no idea how much alcohol they had. After having 3 of them in about 1 hour, I was a mess. I was hugging the porcelain, and then ended up with my head spinning on the sofa. Thankfully, my older brother lived nearby, so I called him and he came and brought me back to my parents' house, and we had to retrieve my car in the morning. My parents, to this day, don't know that I had been too drunk to drive.

That was the worst night of my life, so I never did anything like that again. I max out at about 2-3 drinks over the course of a long evening out. That's more than enough for me.

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answers from Columbus on

I can only drink about the same amount as you. I'm a cheap date! And I react the same as you -- I get quiet and really just want to be alone and even asleep. I used to feel like there's something wrong with me because everyone else continues to drink, but now I just nurse it and switch to seltzer.

But we won't be drinking at New Year's this year anyway -- I'm getting over the flu and still have no appetite, my kids both have fevers, and my daughter just had her tonsils out. So we're home and asleep probably hours before the ball drops...

Happy 2013!

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answers from Dallas on

Hah. I've never had a drink in my life. I suspect if I took a sip, I'd be passed out on the floor, or dancing on a table somewhere!!!

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answers from Norfolk on

The older I get the less well I tolerate alcohol.
In my early 20's I could handle 2 to 3 drinks of almost anything.
Then even the smallest amount of beer started giving me horrible headaches for days.
One by one I lost the ability to drink certain drinks/liqueurs over the years.
Now all I can have is the occasional hard cider or glass of wine.
It's not just alcohol - I can't take a lot of coffee/caffeine anymore either.
It's all about how my liver is aging and it's better to not stress it.
I don't miss it really.
It's a lot of empty calories.
We try not to have much soda in the house but it's not forbidden - it's just not for every day use (once a week is fine).
Mostly I drink water and a lot of tea now.

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answers from Chicago on

Over the years I've learned where my threshold is, and how to manage it really well. I'm really good at maintaining a buzzed/happy state without going over the edge these days. :)

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answers from Kansas City on

i think i am "average". when i was younger i got trashed here and there - then after i had my son i went through a period where EVERY time i drank, i ended up vomiting - so that kinda turned me off to it. now that my son is 6, i'm really aware of tipsy driving and i won't really drink unless i know i am not going to drive. usually that is at a family function where i can spend the night, so maybe once or twice per year. it takes me 2-3 to start getting tipsy. but not really my thing.

i'm pretty bummed today because we were planning on staying "in" for new year's, but my son is at my mom's who is going to my brothers for a get together tonight, which means (geographically) it's easiest if i pick my son up from there - and now there is a winter weather advisory, up to 5" of snow predicted, and not ending till 6:00 am tomorrow morning :(

really really wish i didn't have to get out in it tonight.

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answers from Dallas on

Not at all. I'm a one drink girl. :)



answers from Atlanta on

I can hold mine, because i know my limits. eatting out i usually have either 3- 5 beers and im good, or 3-4 long islands. Yes i can still stand on one leg, walk a straight line, say my ABC's etc.



answers from Kansas City on

Sure I can. I was never a big drinker in my early days, and I hated going to bars. So I actually started drinking when my husband and I would go out on date nights, after I had kids. LOL no kidding that sounds bad. Anyway I love wine and I do know my limits and when I have to stop. I am usually the designated driver in my family so I have to be good.

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