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Drinking Chai While Pregnant - Opinions?

K.F. asks from San Francisco

What do you ladies think about drinking chai tea or chai lattes while pregnant? I've given up coffee (the toughest part about pregnancy for me thus far), and I am loo...


Ideas for Cheapest Wedding Ever=)

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

I promise not to torture everyone with question after question=) BUT does anyone have any unique ideas for a cheap wedding but still beautiful? It has to include ...


3 Days Left and I Have No Idea What I'm Doing!!!

D.M. asks from Anchorage

I really REALLY need help. My husband's promotion party is on Friday and i have no idea what i'm going to do. I need to decorate, i need food ideas ( i would like...


Father's Day Card rant..What Do You Do?

J.R. asks from Phoenix

OK, in the chaotic midst of moving out of the country, I had the children design their own Father's day cards a week ago, and of course they got packed. So, I took t...


How to Throw a 3 Year Old a Birthday Party?

K.S. asks from Portland

I don't know how to throw my daughter her 3 year party (October 25th). The last two years have been close family only, and I was fine with that. But since my B-day ...


Problems with My 12 Month Old Drinking Both Regular Milk and Soy

T.S. asks from Washington DC

I have a 12 month old little boy he was on ailimentum formula as an infant my Dr. swithched him first to Soy b/c he stopped wanting to drink the formula and he is 1 y...


Grocery Spending?

A.M. asks from San Francisco

Not including alcohol, how much do you spend on groceries per month? We are a family of 4 looking to see how much others spend per month on food and home supplies i....


How Much Do You Spend on Food

T.C. asks from Casper

Over the last few years the price of food has gotten very high. I am trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or if other people are spending as much as I ...



L.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello ladies I have a little girl she is 6 months old now. she already has two little teeth. I think two more starting to come in... I mention this to someone today...


4 Year Old Doesn't like to Drink Water

M.K. asks from Chico

My four year old says water tastes yucky and won't drink it without a lot of cajoling. Does anyone have a suggestion how to encourage more water drinking or make the...