What Do You of Moms That Say... I Want to Get Drunk

Updated on January 02, 2014
J.N. asks from Lafayette Hill, PA
26 answers

I am not much of a drinker. Acting like an idiot with too much liquor never had much appeal to me. I am in my 40s. The party we attend were all families. I don't get announcing let's get drunk.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hmm, I wonder what people think of me when I tell them I am going to Las Vegas for the weekend and my goal is to stay at .08 BAC for two days? I hope they take it as a. I am making an intentional exaggeration and b. I rarely have time to myself, I am going on a girls' weekend, and I am going to be silly yet safe as I play penny slots and look at shiny things. But maybe they hear that I am an alcoholic with a gambling problem and a terrible mother?

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answers from Modesto on

I think "let's get drunk" carries the same sentiment as "let's do lunch", and includes adult beverages.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I like to drink. I love wine and beer, although I usually don't care to drink in excess. If I heard a parent at a party announce "Let's get drunk." In my social circle I would assume that meant "Let's let loose and have some fun, since we are usually so busy being responsible parents all of the time." In my circles "getting drunk" is having a couple too many, having fun and laughing a little too much, in a safe place with no driving involved. Not neglecting the children, falling down, throwing up and DUI drunk. Now if those are the kind of parties you are at you might want to find some new friends. If it is responsible adults getting a bit silly and having some drinks you might want to loosen up.

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answers from Miami on

Some people are more buttoned up. They don't act silly and they don't party their butts off. Other people are more buttoned down and they let it all hang out at a time when it's "appropriate" and when someone else is watching their kids. You're the more buttoned up type. The other person is the more buttoned down type.

Perhaps that person is writing on another forum about uptight people who come to a party and purse their lips at those who are having fun. Just because you don't 'get' announcing let's get drunk doesn't mean that other people don't understand. I don't announce it myself, but I like to have fun at parties, whether I'm drinking or not. And I can act like an idiot drinking or not... Try not to judge...

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answers from Chicago on

When I hear someone say, "let's get drunk" or "I need a drink", I think they've had a rough day or week and I join them in a drink or two.

I try not to play armchair psychologist unless my friends ask.

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answers from Columbia on

Helloooo, Judgy McJudgerson.

Let's not take everything people say literally. Usually, when a mom says, "Man, I need to get drunk." Or, "I need a drink." It means they're overwrought or stressed and need to relax. It doesn't mean they want to go out, get sh*tfaced, neglect their families and puke in your car (since you're always the responsible designated driver).

Some folks aren't so uptight about alcohol. Some of us even model responsible imbibement by having a beer or glass of wine (or three) around our kids. For instance: We go to dinner as a family. I have some iced tea, my husband has a couple of beers. My husband usually drives when we go places as a family, but I drive home. My 11 year old asks why....WOW, a perfect opportunity to explain that beer/alcohol impairs our driving ability, so I'm driving because I didn't have any. Not only is it safest for mom to drive, but it's also the law. YAY for teaching moments!

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answers from Portland on

What do I (blank) of people that can't put a post together.....? ;)

Really, why should I spend time judging people? I'm not their mom!
A sense of humor helps, right? I think someone was just having fun... maybe the new year's resolution should be "don't think too much about stuff people say offhand"?

PS--I'm in my 40s too. Just don't get upset about silly comments.

Oh, and before you get your skirts in a bunch, did they actually get shitfaced, or did they just say something a little silly? See where I'm going with that?....

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answers from Richland on

It is not meant as a battle cry or an order to get drunk! It means let's relax, if someone actually gets drunk that is on them.

Here, let's use it in a sentence, the kids are asleep, let's get drunk (let's relax), see how that works. Lord I would hate to try to relax with someone who dissects everything I say.

Oh yeah, 45 here though I am not sure what age has to do with anything.

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answers from Chicago on

To be quite honest, several years ago I would have thought, "What a terrible parent," if I heard a mom or dad say that. Now, having been exposed to plenty of wonderful, responsible, loving and good parents who do overindulge from time to time, I just think, "Hmm, not for me, but oh well. Hope s/he's not driving or have to work in the morning."

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answers from Washington DC on

Happy New Year!!

So you went to a party and someone said "Let's get drunk!"??? okay...it happens.

If someone says they want to get drunk...ask 'em if they have a designated driver or the number for a cab handy?

other than that? Let 'em!! No one leaves my house intoxicated...they either stay or get a ride....

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answers from Bloomington on

I would think... " Hell yes, let's get drunk"!
Then I would have 2 beers, leave early , & stay up late with kids fighting sleep.

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answers from Hartford on

Wow... judgmental much? You do know that "let's get drunk" is really code for "Hey let's go out and let loose and maybe get some drinks. You know we're making a show for everyone and we'll end up grabbing pizza and a glass of wine. Maybe one of us will get a little crunked up but luckily we always have a designated driver and cab money."

Gosh, people, I have some suggestions for New Year's Resolutions for ya.

P.S. I'm 39 with three children and a husband, if that means anything. And I don't make it a habit to get crunked up or tipsy. But I've been known to say "God help me, give me a glass of wine or I'm going to sell my kids." Note: I still have all three of my children in spite of saying this many, many, many times even though glasses of wine don't usually magically appear after I've said that. Because it's not literal.

Just saying.

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answers from New York on

I guess I'd think they'd had a hard week. Or hadn't had a night out in a very long time. Maybe they need fun, friendship, relaxation more than I know.
I wouldn't judge them, just for making that statement. But then again, I generally dont tend to be too judgy.

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answers from Houston on

I'd say introduce me to those people. I'm ready for more fun folk in my life.

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answers from Washington DC on

since moms and circumstances vary wildly, this wouldn't rate a raised eyebrow.
if i knew it was lush who often neglects her kids and behaves in a dangerous fashion, it would be a red flag.
if it was a friend who is a responsible adult and clearly looking to kick up her heels and have some fun, i'd applaud her. and since i almost never drink any more (not a moral issue but a physical one, it just makes me feel like death) i'd probably offer to be her DD.
what do you say of family members who stand in prudish judgements of others?

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answers from Chattanooga on

I think it depends on the behavior of the person.

I used to quite enjoy getting drunk. It was fun for me! Now, I still enjoy drinking every once in a (great) while, but prefer to stop once I get a nice buzz going.

In all honesty, it has been about 3 years since I have had more than one or two drinks at a time... about 5-6 since I have actually gotten 'drunk'... If I knew I had a chance where I could let loose, not worry about taking care of my DD or anything the next day, and could safely get drunk... chances are my excitement at such a rare opportunity could lead me to make such exclamations. ESPECIALLY if I had been having a stressful time lately, and could use the chance to let loose.

I know plenty of people who act like idiots even without too much liquor.

So, if someone announces that they want to get drunk, I just assume they want to have a good time and that is one of their ways of doing so.

Now, if they showed up with kids in tow and planned to get stupid drunk in front of them, was getting sloppy all over the place, or happened to be a violent drunk... then I may have a few thoughts based on those actions.

But simply saying, "I want to get drunk"... doesn't even rate a bump on my negative behavior scale.

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answers from Detroit on

They're just words. I don't tend to dissect them to mean anything more than that.

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answers from Springfield on

My husband is a recovering alcoholic, so I almost never drink. So, when I have a chance to go out with my brother's wife, she always makes a point to let me know I can have whatever I like and she will drive. Always!

I can't imagine I would ever say, "Let's get drunk!" but I do understand how excited I get when I know I can relax and have a drink or two and not worry about the kids or getting home or anything.

Getting drunk doesn't necessarily mean "acting like an idiot with too much liquor." For me, it would just mean allowing myself to relax and maybe be a little tipsy. Yes, some people are obnoxious when they are drunk. But many people just get really relaxed.

It's quite possible there were some people at that party who really needed a night off.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I'm 48. When I was a kid... in my 20s then yes, we'd announce "Let's get drunk!" cuz we were stupid kids. But at my age, or even in my 30s, to announce that you want to get drunk makes me wonder what is wrong in your life that you feel you need to get drunk. And is it the answer? Nothing wrong with going out and having a few drinks and enjoying yourself but to announce that you need to get drunk and then going out and doing it really makes me wonder what is wrong in their life to go out in do it when you're not a kid anymore. That's just me.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Reno on

I dont drink but I do have many friends that do and a lot of times it is just a statement.
There are days that I am like I am having a full sugar soda (thats my answer now that I am clean and sober. lol)

Many blessings

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answers from Atlanta on

I don't "think" much of it. It's a statement. Why give it any power? So what if people want to get drunk? What if it's the words they use to blow off steam?

It's pretty synonymous with "let's have lunch" - you can choose what you eat. Just because someone says "let's get drunk, doesn't mean you have to drink.

If someone says "let's get drunk" I say - okay, I'll be your designated driver.

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answers from San Francisco on

You really need to think about why it's such a trigger for you....lots of emotion and judgment surrounding the statement. That's where the problem is.....not so much about the statement....it's the feelings in conjures up within you.


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answers from Cleveland on

my hubs does that all the time, he'll have a busy day at work and tell everyone he needs to go home and pour a bottle. I'm like come on, if you choose to relax that way fine but to me it is juvenile to announce it.

and for a parent w kids present to announce that they planned to get drunk is just ignorant. and immature.

saying that it is dissecting words is a cop out to me, if you want to say lets have a DRINK, or lets relax is diff than, getting drunk. just like lets take a nap is different than lets have 6 hrs of sex.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Truth be told, when someone "exclaims" that phrase? I think "grow up!"
Really? I think when I or O. if my friends says "hey, stop over Friday!" we know we can have a drink if we want.
But...yeah...sounds very sophomoric when said out loud: "let's get drunk!" Lol

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answers from McAllen on

I don't generally use that directive. On the occasion when I might say something similar, it's more of an invitation to let my and others' hair down. Sometimes I want to get "drunk" with just way too much fun with friends, and that might include only one drink for me.

I like to drink alcohol, and I like the way it feels when I feel it going through me. I sometimes announce that I'll enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, and I forget until a few days later. When the weekend comes, I might then announce that I need to get drunk and invite whoever is with me to join me.

Not sure if that's clear, but that's a little context.

Some people mean that they want to actually get and be drunk, and what I take from it really depends on how well I know them. Otherwise, I don't think of it at all.

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answers from Sacramento on

I think they're young and didn't get it out of their systems before having kids.

I think it's one thing to say, "I need a drink" (a responsible attitude) and another to say you want to cross the line and drink too much, especially if you're responsible for children at the time. Grown-ups handle liquor appropriately.

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