And Now She Says She Was Drunk

Updated on October 17, 2011
T.K. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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So, I just read baby Lisas mom says she was drunk and had blacked out when her baby was taken and they've hired the sleazy Van der Sloot attorney. It's becoming more and more clear. I pray for that baby and all other children in harms way. The required question part of this is, do you believe for one minute that she was drunk in the other room and had no idea what happened? And where is the man that she was seen buying the alcohol with? Could he be the man neighbors saw carry the baby off? And if by some wierd quirck of fate she's telling the truth and had no part in you think a mom should be held responsible for something bad that happens to her child while she's blacked out drunk?

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So What Happened?

I really don't think that a mother who put her children to bed safe and woke up to find something bad happened should be charged. Whether she was drunk or not. I have slept really hard after having a few glasses of wine. And It would be the ultimate nightmare for anyone. I just really feel this lady and her man friend cooked up the whole scheme.

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answers from Albany on

T. I just don't even know what to make of the whole thing. Drunk or not, I REALLY REALLY want to believe mom has nothing to do with this. Most of us have had a night or two where we've had a few, you know, and we ALL just got lucky? Sigh, I hate the whole thing.

So she'll be charged with negligence then? Endangering the welfare of a child? That is not going to bring Lisa home safe.

The story gives me a yucky nervous feeling. I am dreading the day the truth comes out, it can't be GOOD news at this point, right?


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answers from Columbia on

Sounds like BS to me. Throughout the entire thing, I've thought that she's had something to do with it.

ETA: And damn right a mother is responsible for anything that happens to her child when she's drunk. A responsible parent ensures that their child has a caregiver when they are incapacitated.

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answers from Dallas on

Not only drunk, but said she actually put her baby down at 6:30...not 10:30!!!!

Something happened in that house, and it's not a random stranger. She is obviously involved. Just my opinion.

AND...since when does getting sloppy drunk leaving yourself essentially incapacitated, and something happening to your child...NOT your fault? The lady got drunk, so drunk she has no idea what happened to her kid. How in the world, should she not be held responsible. That's lame. She CHOSE to get drunk with her children there...SHE put her kids in danger. This was not a few glasses of wine. She remembers drinking around 6 glasses...and that's just what she remembers.

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answers from Kansas City on

Just to clarify something on her "companion" he usactually her BIL!
Added: I sure the hell hope you all would tell the court you have her convicted before hearing ALL evidence! So many on here complain about being treated fairly. Quick to judge anyone?

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answers from Washington DC on


I don't know what to believe anymore. If she had been drunk, she should've stated that from the beginning.

Something stinks in Denmark...

I just pray that baby Lisa is safe.

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answers from Los Angeles on

She's setting up her defense.

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answers from Seattle on

Or what about her son's who HEARD weird noises that night she went missing???! The mom claims she doesnt want her boys to be questioned anymore. Why? Because you have something to hide? Its so ridiculous to me. If my son had heard noises or something, then heck yes interview him again so we can learn whatever we can.

What about the fact that she put the baby down for the night at 6:40 pm and not 10:30pm like she claimed?

Also, the fact that she was yes drunk, and had her fan on full blast, etc, the dog didnt bark, and that she and her husband chit chatted for a few minutes when he came home from work at 4am before anything was said about the condition of the house!
I'd be freaking out if I came home and all the lights were on, the house was a wreck etc, etc. I would think immediately about my children.

It's all too much and slowly but surely the truth will come out.

I just hope when it does the baby is found safe and sound.

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answers from Chicago on

I still can't get past the fact that all the lights were on. What intruder would walk into a well-lit house or would turn on all the lights?

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Have "A" glass of wine but to drink a minimum of six glasses of wine is neglect. You can't black out when you have kids if so, somebody capable needs to be there. Period. I was listening to a bit of this between appointments and she was asked if she had a drinking problem..."No, I don't think so, not and do something like this". Really "Lisa's mom"...what happened???

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answers from Fresno on

The whole story is very fishy to me but she's guilty if she had something to do with it or not cause as a Mother, our job is to protect our children and if she is passed out drunk, I don't think that meets the definition of taking care of your kid. GUILTY

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't know what to believe!!! Even if she didn't harm the child she is still guilty of neglect or failure to protect because she was not properly taking care of her children & then something happened!!! You can't be drunk while caring of small children!!!! That is UNTHINKABLE to me!!!

I also read today that a female neighbor was drinking with her and that the FBI have removed bags of evidence from her home (neighbors) but won't allow the press to take pix.

I read that the man on the video tape is her brother and that he had been questioned and cleared in the case. He drove her to the store because she doesn't drive.

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answers from Redding on

Could be this gal is a sicko and wants the media attention that Casey Anthony got?

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answers from St. Joseph on

in cases like this, it is almost always the parents who did something to the poor child. unfortunately, I think that she either purposely or "accidently" did something to that poor baby girl and she and the girls father are covering it up. sadly, we dont know and sadly that little girl is the one suffering. this whole thing makes me sick. and to answer the part about should she be held responsible for something happening to her child while she is passed out drunk, HELL YES SHE SHOULD!!! only a terrible irresponsible parent gets drunk with the kids home. it is different if one parent is tipsy and the other is totally sober. but to get drunk with your kids at home is unforgivable!!! I have 3 little boys, I may have a beer or a glass of wine(rarely!) while I am at home alone with them but NEVER have I or will I get drunk while I am at home alone with them. what if something happened to them because I was to drunk to care? what if I fell and got hurt because I was to drunk to care? she obviously doesnt care about her kids if she would get drunk like that, if someone did break in and take her daughter she is totally 100% at fault. if she was drunk and did something to her daughter she is 100% totally at fault!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I haven't been following this story very closely but saw some interviews this afternoon. Mom is looking very suspicious to me. Sorry to say. Oh..I hope we find out soon what really went down because mom's story has been changing.

If she in fact was blacked out drunk then she will feel way more guilt,shame and remorse for not being aware enough to protect her daughter than any judge could charge her with.

This whole thing is just so sad. And their choice in an attorney just screams guilty to me.

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answers from San Diego on

The only way this could end happy for Lisa is if she was kidnapped. If so, the searches locally are not helping. By the time they knew she was gone, she would not even have been in Missouri anymore. She could be anywhere.

As for the mom, I'm not surprised. I've said from the start that any mom that could sleep through someone sneaking into their house and stealing their baby, would have to be drunk or high. To answer your question, you bet I believe moms should be held responsible for ANYTHING that happens while they are drunk. I've never drank one drop of alcohol and I don't need it and I've never felt I'm missing anything. I sleep light, wake up at the drop of the hat, and I change my babies in the middle of the night. I could never put a child down at 6:30 and just ignore them all night! 6:30 is her new time by the way.

Also, my mother heard that it was her brother on the video tape and he was drinking with her. So if he took the baby after she passed out, then it's an inside job.

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