You Can't Get Drunk Smelling Wine!

Updated on August 02, 2011
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I am one of those strange moms who teach their kids to cook. At least in my family it teaches them what is necessary to be open to trying new foods.

So Genna and I were working on a red sauce. So we have tasted and tasted and are pretty pleased with where the sauce is going. So I uncorked a Chianti to celebrate. I am celebrating, not Genna, she is having water. So I told her some different things about wine. Wine, some beers, very much like cooking. So I was explaining the characteristics of a good Chianti. Then I let her sniff. She start swirling around like she is drunk. How have I failed this child, my drama queen. Genna you can't get drunk sniffing wine!!!!

So has anyone else had a bit of drama come between knowledge and, well whatever the alternate is? Okay better yet do your kids make you laugh?

Oh great she has just told me she added more Basil, now it is perfect!

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So What Happened?

On the subject of wine and kids, I have raised all my kids the same way. Ya know those strange kids that don't drink until they are 21, I have raised two of them. If you doubt, their friends would ask me what I did to them that they can't get them to drink. I have no idea what I did right but there you are. I think it has to do with, this is wine/beer, it has these characteristics. It is not something you get drunk with, you savor it. Kinda messes up binge drinking, ya know?

Rosebud, my favorite was when she was two and I told her no. She puts her hand up to her forehead and faints backward hitting her head on the dinning room table. She put it all into her craft.

Theresa, I hate to admit it but I just tried the sauce, she was right, it needed more Basil.

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answers from Honolulu on

... this is a funny story... so cute.

I teach my kids how to cook too....since they were Toddlers.
They can cook now.
My 4 year old son can cook his own eggs from start to finish and make things in the microwave.

Good for you!

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answers from Albany on

We are major foodies in our house. We cook excessively, kids in all. We have loud music in the kitchen, there is dancing, singing, laughing, tasting, eating.

It DOES involve alcohol, not just for cooking, but I enjoy wine or a beer while cooking. My kids have all tasted different alcohol. The disgusted look on their faces is priceless. HOW CAN YOU DRINK THAT?! I don't serve them, but I have let them taste.

Food, drink, and family are a celebration. Common sense and humor are the two key ingredients!

(And to address your title, YES YOU CAN GET DRUNK SMELLING ALcohol, in fact if you're my mom, you get drunk just LOOKING at it, psh, SUCH a light weight!)

I like your house, can we come over for dinner?


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answers from San Francisco on

Put her in theater.

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answers from Portland on

Haha, that is so cute! I had a friend growing up (girl) that wouldn't hold my hand on this tight rope bar and told me because if she held my hand then she would have a baby haha, I was puzzled then but looking back so funny and innocent.

My daughter makes me laugh all the time from her vivid imagination about how we have to whisper so we don't wake up the crocodile monster lol.

Kids are great :)

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Provo on

Hahaha! Precious! And basil is awesome!!!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

you are sooo not strange!!! kids need to learn to cook!!!

my son, Nicky, loves to quote movies...especially "what was the middle part?" from a Fish Called Wanda....oh my!!!

I love that your girl is a drama queen!!! YOU GO!!! I hope you had a ton of laughter !!

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answers from Boston on

You can get drunk from wine fumes. My uncle broke some bottles in his wine cellar and decided to clean it the next day. All night the fumes circulated through the house and he and his wife woke up drunk after not having had any wine at night. It just depends on the amount or duration. I don't think one sniff will get you drunk unless you had just put a bottle of wine in the sauce and she sniffed right as all that alcohol was evaporating.

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