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Questions About Using Soy Formula for My 3 Month Old Baby

V.G. asks from San Francisco

I have a 3 month old baby girl. We originally started using breast milk but not enough was being generated. We started feeding her carnation good start at 1 month o...


Milk Allergies--help!

J.C. asks from Houston

My son just turned 1 April 7th... he has be on Nutramigen since he was 2 weeks old. His dr said we were going to try him on whole milk once he turned one, and if that...


Allergy to Rice Cereal???

J.L. asks from New York

hi mommies! I would like some advice before I call my pediatrician tomorrow. My six month old son (a preemie born two months early) is exclusively breast fed. We foun...


Cow's Milk Allergies in Infants/toddlers

K.L. asks from Rochester

hi, just wondering if anyone has this issue besides me. My son was breastfed first 8 months. i could not drink or eat anything that had dairy in it. he was ext...


Newborn Dairy Allergy Predicament

J.H. asks from Austin

Just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. We went to my son's 2 week checkup and the pediatrician tested his stool and found traces of blood. She switch...


Gassy baby...whats the Cause?

T.P. asks from Salinas

My 2 month old baby girl is excessively gassy....I mean constant gas 24/7 no exageration. I have been trying everything...I mean everything. It bothers me that her D...


When to Switch from Slow-flow to Fast Flow Nipples and What About Cereal?

K.E. asks from Reading

I feel pretty dumb asking this question, seems like I should just know. When do I switch my 4 month old from the slow flow nipples to fast flow? I am somewhat reluc...


Burping Help and Gas Relief for a 4Mo

P.O. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have a 4mo little girl who had a lot trouble with gas early on. I wasn't able to breastfeed, so started her on formula and had to try several until we found...


Transition from Formula to Milk

S.H. asks from Richmond

Okay before everyone gets on me for being a horrible mother for not breastfeeding, know that my son REFUSED to breastfeed, long story. If your only response is a lec...


Goat Milk: Use and Preparation???

H.B. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Let me preface this by stating that I am asking a question... Please don't post if you are going to reprimand me for considering all of my options for my ba...