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11 Month Old Fights Bottle

My 11 month old desperately fights me to take her bottle. She has always seemed to hate her bottle, and we have tried every formula and are now using nutramigen. She has reflux which seems to be well treated. She seems to be eating/drinking less and less each week. Any thoughts?

Legal Trouble

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My Dr Won't Suggest Carnation Good Start...

I used Carnation GOod Start with first baby, and had some luck with it. It was the old purple basic formula, supreme, before they added the DHA... I had very bad luck with my little guy and feeding, and he seemed to reject, or have trouble digesting all the formulas with DHA... so I used that GStart... now, they added DHA to all of the GOod Start formulas... or else I would've started with that formula for my second son. Anyway, I mentioned using it with my latest boy, who has same issues, and they said that they won't "suggest" it...