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Explosive Diapers

R.M. asks from Pocatello

Hi ladies. I have a 6 month old that from day one, have felt that he has feeding/belly issues. They come and go, usually at least once a month he fights his bottles...


Soy Milk or Rice Milk?

D.B. asks from Dallas

I have an 11 month old who doesn't seem to do well on cow's milk. He was on Nutramigen as an infant but just stopped drinking it so we are trying to get him to drink...


Food Ideas for Milk Protein Allergy and Soy Allergy

D.D. asks from Grand Rapids

My son was diagnosed at 5 days with a severe milk protein allergy. He is currently on Enfamil Nutramigen formula. When he turned one we had allergy testing done and d...


3 Week Old Screaming in Pain Because of Gas!!!

M.Q. asks from Dallas

I had a beautiful baby girl on April 21 and she started on Enfimel, my doc switched her to the Gentle Ease, didn't work, then tried soy and plugged her up, now we are...


Baby Eczema - PLEASE HELP

S. asks from Lansing

My four month old daughter developed eczema about one month ago. I took her to the peds and she diagnosed her with milk protein sensitivity. Ped recommended switch to...


Getting Baby to Drink Hypoallergenic Formula

J.S. asks from Boston

My 4 month old has a milk protien allergy/intolerance and I have not eaten any dairy or soy for 3 months while breastfeeding. While he has improved, he still has som...


Going to Pull My Hair Out!!

L.R. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter was on Nutramigen formula up until her first birthday which was 3/24. At that point I started to try to transition her to milk, mixing it with her formul...


Fussiness and Gas in Five Week Old

K.D. asks from New York

My daughter is five weeks old and about two weeks ago, my husband and I started to notice that she was becoming very fussy. It seems to be due to gas pain. After eati...


Breastfed 4 Mth Old Now Refusing Bottle

V.B. asks from Sacramento

My 4 mth old daughter usually gets the breast, but on the odd occasion she had no trouble drinking from a nuk bottle - since she was 6 weeks old - whether it was from...


Trying New Formula for a Gassy Baby

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

My 10.5 month old baby has terrible gas pains in the middle of the night. She will wake up a few times crying in pain. I know it is gas because I hear her toots (and ...