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Updated on February 28, 2010
H.W. asks from Princeton, WV
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I am 25 years old and I own a daycare facility. I have been doing it for 2 years now. I have a 4 year degree in Criminal Justice Administration as well. Now I am becoming a Financial Planner for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. I am just getting started with this new job, and it has taken a lot of time away from the daycare and more time away from my daughter. She is 3 1/2 now. I am not getting to spend as much time with her as I did before when I worked solely at the daycare. But I needed to work out of the house for a while. I am a very success driven person and I enjoy what I am doing right now. I am still in the early phases of this new job, so it is taking more time away than I would like. But it wont continue to be like that. I will still be gone during the day, but home most evenings. I just have a lot to do getting this business started up. My mother works for me at the daycare along with other employees. She is very upset with me because I have 2 businesses and is afraid that I am not spending enough time with my daughter. Also, she is upset because I am not working at the daycare anymore. But I told her and the other employees that I wanted to just own the daycare and work as little as possible. But she is upset about that. She says that I shouldnt have 2 businesses if Im not gonna work them both. But I see nothing wrong with what I am doing. Can anyone give me any advice? Concerns for me? If I am wrong will someone please tell me??

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answers from Charlotte on

Wow, you sound like one of those people I envy....boundless energy and determination to be successful in everything you pursue. However, as much as we tell ourselves we can do it all, and do it well, when we take on so much as mothers something IS going to suffer. I am not saying you should quit the financial advisor job. But basically being a single mom while you husband is away, church leader, daycare manager, and mother, your daughter might feel like she is being juggled among your other responsibilities, not like she is a priority. I bet you are a great mother, and I definetly don't want you to feel bad. You are doing the right thing, considering everything to make the best decision for your family. Maybe you could cut back on somethings like youth leader while you are starting the new business. Identify some areas that can be eliminated to make time for your daughter. Hope this helps, and don't feel guilty for wanting to be your own person along with a good mom!



answers from Chicago on

I don't know if you still would like ideas but if you do. Please check out the link below. This one can be a second job but it does not take away from your child's time. Thanks.

A. Brewe
Proud Member of Internet Ceo Moms working from home
Wheeling, IL



answers from Raleigh on

You are an adult now and apparently doing very well. Your mom's opinions are just that- opinions. Your daughter will benefit from seeing her mom's success.



answers from Lynchburg on

H. I am now a mom of a 15 year old boy and I can tell you I worked alot durning those younger years and missed so very much of the great stuff. And I can see now how that time affects who he is today. I understand as well how you want to have all the successes. I did to. But chose not to go back to school because of my son. The best success there is, is being a successful as a parent!! I still plan on going back to school. When my boy graduates from High School and hopefully we can go to college together. OR perhaps you could wait until your husband gets home. Then he can be there for your son. But in times like these our kids need their parents. Not just grandparents and daycare workers. Especially with your hubby off in Iraq. Good luck on what you decide. I will pray for you H.. As well as your hubby.;



answers from Raleigh on

H., First let me say Thank you to your husband for protecting this great country. At 25 you have accomplished more than most.Most 25 years olds are working on there first degree, or barely making it, so I commend you, Back in my day, in 1979 I was 22 recently widowed with a 18 month old, I had no choice but to work full time and put my son in daycare. And it was like I commited a crime, how could I leave my son and work. My mother and relitives were not there to help either, I am sure with your mother helping you at the daycare, and all the other employees and children your daughter is getting plenty of attention and love. You can have more than one bussiness and be sucessful, you are young go for it! And if you are happy your children are happy! Congrats.



answers from Charlotte on

I have a friend who owns a Hair Salon but doesn't work there. He doesn't know a thing about hair just knows how to manage people. He has owned this salon for about 15 yrs now. The salon is well established and is always busy! I personally am a stay at home mom with 5 children but my husband is wanting me to open my own business, but just run it and have employees! I personally am not career driven, I feel I have enough to do without adding this to my plate, but that's me! If you feel you can handle all this then go for it, as long as you are looking at the near future for what it holds on the amount of time to be spent with your child. Childhood will be gone in an instant and you don't want to miss these moments! I wish you the best and Thank You for being a Military wife. I appreciate your Husband and what he is doing!!! :)

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