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Updated on July 11, 2012
H.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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So - I haven't been on here in a while and one of the reasons was I got a new job. Well - after 30 days they decided it wasn't working out and I am now unemployed.

It's been a big hit to my self esteem and I'm totally crushed that I left a job (even though my employment there was tenuous) to take another job where I was let go after a month.

To be honest it was a terrible fit (the work was not what they indicated, the company did not seem ready to have a f/t virtual employee, and the guy who was training me spent at least an hour of each session talking about how horrible our boss was) but I'm still totally discouraged and upset.

In retrospect I knew it was not a good idea - I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning - so that is one of the lessons I have taken away from this experience.

However - I'd love to hear some stories from ladies (and guys too) about situations where it seemed everything had fallen apart but in the end worked out for the best.

Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much!! It totally raised my spirits to see so many positive caring responses to my post!! HUGS HUGS HUGS to you all. :-)

I am going to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and KNOW in my heart of hearts that this was not the right fit and something better is out there waiting for me. :-)

Thank you again...

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answers from Albany on

Oh no! Frowning.

Dumbasses. Their loss.

I'm sorry, that sucks. But if you hated it, at least you don't have to do it anymore, right?

LY H.!


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answers from San Francisco on

Oh I am so sorry!
I was only "let go" once but it was really hard! I thought I was catching on, and I thought they liked me, but I guess not :(
As painful as it was, and as personally as I took it, I can honestly say it was a good thing. It really wasn't the right job for me, and I wasn't the right person for them.
You'll move on from this, hang in there!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Just think it was probably for the BEST!!! Hurts though!

I worked for an Animal Humane society, for 6 years only to quit because I was not moving up or making enough money. They couldn't give me a raise. So I went to a very comfy, well paying office job with hardly any responsibilities. I LOVED this job. Loved the shelter too, but that was such hard work for hardly any pay.
One day in the grocery store, my former boss at the shelter bumped into me. She began crying and sobbing that she had hired the wrong people to replace me and it was killing the shelter, please if they raised my pay 2 dollars would I come back and resume my duties plus be a shelter manager since she was sick and about to go in for surgery. As a stupid schmuck, I did it out of sympathy.
I was there all of 2 months, and realized what she had really done, not only did she hire, dimwits, they were thieves, and abusers. So all had to be fired, and new ones re-hired and in that time I found out she was embezzling funds from a money market account. So I took it to the board, and guess what. They fired my butt. Why? cause my hiring was not ok'd by them and I could stay if I went back to my old pay, and still did exactly what I was doing. WHAT? see ya friends... Then I was unemployed again.

My M. took me under her wing and got me a job at her place of employment. Started out filing papers (have a degree and had many harder jobs than this in my life time) and in no time I worked my way up to Senior Diploma Accounts Manager. Got to fly all over the country selling graduation supplies to all the Universities in America and South America. Loved that job!

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answers from Charlotte on

I''m SO sorry, Mom. I really am. I followed all your posts, including the one where two posters were sh*tty to you, and I know your heart was in the right place and you are a good person. This is really sad.

I don't have any advice for you, since I haven't been in your shoes. I just want to tell you not to lose faith and that I'm thinking of you.


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answers from Washington DC on

oooh!!! I'm sooooo sorry!!!!!

This sucks BIG TIME!!!

In all honesty? I think this is for the best!! You have now opened a new door!! Walk through it baby!!! Don't let them get you down!!! The company was NOT adequately prepared - how is that your fault?

You can't fit a square peg in a round hole. This guy that was training you? That would have been a HUGE indicator for me. But then again - people need to vent, right?

I am SOOOO sorry!!!

So my story? I went to work for a friend. We had known each other over 10 years. I could work from home and get paid to recruit. I made $500M for her in 10 months - I worked for her for 12 months. She STILL owes me over $10K ...however - working for her - put me in connection with my new boss!! We have been working together since 2008. I get to work from home and get paid a commission on hires. Works for me!! If I don't want to work - I don't have to !!! :)

IT WILL work out!! You will rock it on something bigger and better!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I lost my job a month before we got married. My husband lost his job 2 months after we got married. I again lost a job a few years later. This time, it was 3 days after we found out I was pregnant. We seemed to lose jobs at really terrible times. The times we needed a job the most! These situations always worked out for the best. We are in a very good place now, and it never would have happened without losing those jobs!

Good luck, and don't be hard on yourself. The job not being a good fit, has nothing to do with YOU, or your ability. It simply was the wrong job. No fault of yours.

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answers from San Francisco on

That happened to me 3 years ago. I was laid off from my job unexpectedly and then took a job that I thought I wanted even though their management style was different then mine, my husband warned me about thinking it wasn't a good fit but I took it anyway due to a fear of being unemployed
in this economy. I was there 3 months and lost it due to not hitting my goals during training even though I was #4 on goals out of 20 employees and took 8 days off planned and approved before accepting the job. Not a single person hit their goal. It was a blow but once I was there I had wished I didn't take the job. 5 months off work enjoying my kids and still worried about not having a job, I took a job that paid the bills, barely, I would have been just as ok at home on unemployment waiting for the "right" job to come along...well, here I am at home again 2 years later, my credit union merged with a big one and my experience wasn't needed. They do it all back office. While waiting to find out who got what job permanent and who got to be temp during 6 mo transition I didn't care because I knew we would be ok. It still sucked big time when I was told I wouldn't be either. On the bright side, I am spending the summer with our kids and enjoying it until the right opportunity comes up AND I didn't have to be there during the transition from one company to another. For that I am happy. I do miss my members though.

Waiting for the right opportunity and I'm not going to stress in the mean time. Enjoy it and know that sh** happens and it isn't your fault. I, like you, will listen to my gut instinct better on the next opportunity. =) Good luck.

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answers from Kansas City on

My hubby was laid off, years ago, from a job he HATED. I was completely freaked out because of the loss of income, but it ended up being the absolute best thing in the world. He found a job he never would have found while still working at the sucky place. That job experience helped him to get a better job, which in turn helped him to get a great job.

Keep the faith that all will work out for the best.


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answers from Washington DC on

Friend of mine got fired. Fresh out of school, made a few new grad mistakes, was totally crushed. But it was a bad fit from the get-go and I think they were looking for excuses. The office manager hated her (one of those people who thinks they know more than people with a degree and bristles at anybody who challenges her). Since it had only been about 6 months, friend was able to reconnect with people she had interviewed with before accepting the bad job. They remembered her and they knew her from the first interviews so she didn't have to re-present herself much. She'd been in the running before but they only had 1 slot, but now they had 2. She loves, loves the new office and is well respected. MUCH better for all involved.

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answers from Fort Myers on

My gut reaction to this post is to tell you that in my opinion everything happens for a reason and this too shall pass. I have been there in your shoes, and yes, in my case I quit a job because the hours and days were running into one another with no ability for two days off in a row (retail job.)
I was heart sickened because I thought there was not going to be anything else out there for me! Quite by accident, I applied for a job and wound up getting my happily ever after job! I had the support of my immediate boss, and everybody after her and moved through the ranks in no time flat!
You must keep the faith in your own abilities and believe that a better position is out there waiting just for you! Yes, had you stayed, you would have had a pay check but been miserable. Something good will happen keep sending your resume out and applying for jobs and keep an open mind. Please keep us posted when your "dream job" comes along and you are hired! Best of Luck to you!

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answers from San Francisco on

Sorry to hear the news, but please know that you don't deserve to be unhappy - even if someone's paying you ;)

You absolutely have the right attitude and you now are even more skilled to make the next job choice wisely.

I don't have any personal story for you but just know you will find something much better.

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answers from Chicago on

So sorry to hear about this!

I left a very comfortable engineering job with a reputable company because I was just bored. I took a job (same job description, same pay) with a start-up company with "potential" and lousy benefits. After only a couple of months, I realized that I had made a mistake. The small company had no real plans for growth. (So much for getting in at the ground level, huh?) I won't get into all the details, but the bottom line was that it was a bad fit for all of us. I felt like a failure at this new job for so many reasons. I felt sick to my stomach every morning as I walked from my car to the office.

The story has a happy ending though. I put all of my extra time and energy looking for a new job. When I got it, I was paid WAY more than any of my other jobs. And I enjoyed my work and my new co-workers too. I probably wouldn't have gotten this job had it not been for my time in hell at the small company. And the story gets even better. I later propelled myself into two even better jobs with different employers.

Brush it off and hold your head up high. You will turn this thing around and come out of it stronger than ever :-)

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answers from Washington DC on

This happened to my sister and the place that she was let go from ended up going out of business anyway...The reason she wasn't a good fit there is because she kept telling them the areas they needed to improve (it was a facility that was surveyed by the health department). Apparently, they didn't want to hear it. The place has been raised and is now an empty field.

She found another job a couple of months later and has been there for 6 years. Sometimes you don't know if it's going to work until you try it.

Hang in there.

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answers from San Diego on

I wasn't let go, I left before they let me go because clearly it wasn't a fit for either party. In my case, they underutilized my experience and I realized that the company was still stuck in the past. Staying there was pure torcher so I got a head hunter and found another job within 2 months. Guess what the new job was exactly what I was looking for and was very happy there for 10 years before baby came along. Sure I took a chance in the previous job but it taught me was to understand and spot an employer that I would work well with and would be happy with in the long run. No worries, dust yourself off and move on having gained some new insight about what you really want.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ugh that sucks! I've never lost a job but I did have a 3 month run of aggressively applying for jobs, interviewing, and then not getting any of them. It is such a blow to the self esteem and really depressing. I must just really be BAD at interviews. I have a sister who nails every job interview she ever goes on and a hubby who loves to brag that he's been offered anything he's interviewed for too (thankfully, he refrains from this whenever I have to job hunt)...:
Anyway, eventually the right path gets forged and its all experience you need, in some way, in God's eyes. Scratch that last part if you are not religious. It all becomes part of your personal path... I've had to hunt for jobs 3 more times since my really bad run of interviews (once to go part time during grad school, then to get the full-time career job, then one more time because I relocated) Now that I am settled in a home with my family and a job I like, I plan to NEVER INTERVIEW AGAIN. Seriously, I am sticking with this one til I retire because I just can't subject myself to the torture and rejection.
Good Luck H. I know it will all work out for the best in time.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was let go of a temp job, my first attempt at re-entering the workforce after being a SAHM. It felt horrible. I did everything they asked of me with a good attitude, but it wasn't enough. They didn't like that I didn't have all the answers for the customers right away. I had to "bother" them to ask questions. They didn't want a new employee, they wanted someone just like them, immediately. They said I was "timid" Well, no one talked to me, they talked past me, to everyone else. I clearly didn't fit in to the group, they weren't really accepting new members. So I felt like it would just take time them to get to know me, but I was wrong. I tried to learn the ropes. And I learn more by listening than by talking, so I guess that makes me too "timid" Anyway, all of the people coming and going and after all of the dysfunctional conversations I overheard, it was probably for the best I was let go. It was a very chaotic environment. I just was so excited to have a job. That was not the right job for me though. I was sad for awhile, but now I think that experience made me stronger, and I know myself even better. I'm not going into that same type of environment in seeking my next job.

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