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Updated on August 28, 2012
R.F. asks from Old Greenwich, CT
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My daughter is going to be 6 months and I am feeling depressed about this last 20 or 30 lbs i need to drop. I looked at a womens gym but I am not sure if i trust these women to take care of my baby. They assure me they know CPR and usually have 2 ladies in the room, but sometimes they only have 1 who is going to hold my baby while the other kids need help? I am nervous and don't know what to do. Should I join the gym and try to work this out? I can't do it at home...she just won't let me!! and it just gets frustrating to stop and go, stop and go.
Thanks for you help!!

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answers from Washington DC on

i took my infant to the gym. sometimes they WON'T hold your baby. if another child needs something, they'll have to put your baby down.
nothing bad will happen if your baby is put down for a few minutes. even if the baby is crying.
if the daycare room is packed and chaotic, go back home. no biggie.
but most of the time it's fine to leave your baby with the professionals the gym has hired for the 30 minutes or so it will take to get your workout in.

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answers from Chicago on

I would go to the gym! My gym takes them at 4 weeks old. I don't worry about it. And the kids gets used to it, the younger they start. All four babies were close in a row, and the weight fell off easily, and I was religious about going 3 times a week, then jogging at home after they are in bed.
Now we're on #5 (early) and my current gym doesn't take them until 6 months. This is too long for me to wait to work out. :) But that's this gym's rule.

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answers from New York on

I had to chuckle a bit at this question. Daycare ratios typically allow for 1 adult to care for 2-4 infants/toddlers, so this is a very normal situation for anyone whose child is in daycare (home daycare or a center, the ratios are the same) or goes to a church nursery or anything like that. If you had two children it would be the same situation; what would you do when one of them needed you? You would help that child, and the other one would wait. You would be quick, maybe you would hold both at the same time, but for most people (either because their children are in daycare or they have more than 1 child), not being able to devote every moment to just one child is normal, and the children do just fine. :)

Now, I have never used childcare at a gym, and there are other concerns I would have. How old are the childcare providers? What experience do they have with infants in particular? Is it the same people or is it always changing? Will they change and feed your child if necessary, etc. But the simple fact that one person may be caring for more than 1 child is going to be the case whether you take her to the gym or mom's day out childcare place, so I would just find a place where you feel comfortable taking her, and do that. Personally, all other things being equal, I'd prefer for my child to be at the gym with me because that way I could attend to her easily if there were an issue while I were working out.

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answers from Washington DC on

If you feel that uncomfortable I would find childcare center or home daycare to take her to on a par-time basis or a drop in basis. This way you also have more mommy time to shower recover and get back to being a mom, hey may even have time to get extra stuff done.
With my last child I had a lot of weight to lose and was in horrible condition, I was able to hire a trainer who lived very close to me and she came to my house and trained me, it was the best thing i could have ever done, there was no contract binding me to her a certain number if months though she understood that we were one income and worked with me. She worked around my baby crying too! i lost weight and most of all i got back a lot of strength that I had lost duriing my relaxed pregnancy.
Good luck and weigh all your options before doing anything!

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answers from San Francisco on

I belonged to a gym when my first was born. I tried taking him as soon as I could, when he was three months, but it didn't work out very well. He cried so much they were always calling me over the intercom, and I didn't really like it anyway, it was small and crowded and kind of funky :(
For a while I just waited until my husband got home and went then. Those were crockpot or casserole nights, dinner was done and I was good to go, plus I usually met up with my girlfriend who got off at about that time so it was more fun and motivating (and yes, my son was breastfed, but I always left a bottle of milk when I went out.)
I eventually gave the gym membership up and just did workout videos at home for the next several years, through two more pregnancies. This is easy to do if you focus on shorter, more focused videos. I had videos for cardio (like 20 minute kickboxing or jazzercise) and toning (5 to 15 minute workouts for abs, arms, thighs, etc.)
Of course you can always put your baby in the stroller and go for a good, long walk, or run if you're so inclined.

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