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Baby Names...

A.V. asks from Detroit

I am due in May with my third and we just found out we are having a little to pick a name!! We have a 3 year old girl named Madalynn and a 18M old little ...


Baby Names

E.F. asks from Salt Lake City

I am pregnant, and this time (husbands request) we are not finding out what the gender is. Its kind of exciting in a way!:) I love to plan so it is a little hard fo...


Baby Names

T.C. asks from Johnson City

ok here we are again at the never ending battle of comming up with names i would like to find something that goes good with katheryn be it a first or middle name, no ...


Suggestions for Boy Names

J.T. asks from Kansas City

I am expecting my 2nd baby in late summer. We picked girl names no problem, but are seriously struggling with boy names. We want something that's NOT COMMON, but also...


Baby Names

S.E. asks from New York

my fiance and i have finally narrowed down our lists of boy and girl names we are not sure which we are having yet but our favorite for a girl is brianna leigh and ou...


Boy Names

J.M. asks from Springfield

I am expecting a new baby in July and I am trying to come up with some names. I have an 7 year old son named Ethan. I have a the name Ella picked out if it is a girl,...


The Name Luke, and Other Boy Names

X.O. asks from Chicago

If our next baby's a boy, my husband really wants to name him "Luke," since he's a physician, and Luke from the Bible was also a physician. I see his reasoning beh...


Baby Boy Names?

A.B. asks from Detroit

We are trying to find a name for our son due June 5th I like names that are a little bit different but not too different. Any suggestions?