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Updated on March 31, 2011
C.H. asks from Freehold, NJ
16 answers

Hi Ladies, I am due at the end of May. I have no names for our baby. We don't know what we are having. If it's a boy, I'm between Christian and Christopher. Any preferences? For a girl, I like pretty names. But I need help with girls! My husband loves Ashley and I like "Elle" names also Grace...maybe Noelle?...but any suggestions?????
PS--My son is Michael and daughter is Abigial.
Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from New York on

Noelle is pretty, as is Ella. I also love Hope, Grace and Faith. Christopher is one of my all-time favorites. I like names that don't go out of "style". Best of luck :)



answers from Springfield on

Love Christopher!
I think Noelle is also a very beautiful name and you wouldn't have to worry about others with the same name.
Best Wishes!

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answers from Miami on

Love Christopher!!
Love Ashley and Grace!!
What about Ashley-Grace??

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answers from Dallas on

I like Christian better than Christopher. Maybe Christian Dane or Christian James. For a girl, you and your husband can compromise with Ellie, since he likes the "e" sound ending with Ashley and since you like Elle - Ellie is a great compromise. And, since your daughter's name is Abigail, you probably call her Abby, so you will have Abby and Ellie - cute! I really like Ellie Noelle - just like Ellie, Noelle also have elle in it - it flows very nicely!

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answers from Iowa City on

I like Christopher. I am not fond of Ashley (but she isn't my baby!). For a about Lydia? Samantha, Elizabeth, Anna, Lillian, Adelle, Janelle, Jocelyn?


answers from Albany on

My boys are James Joseph and Daniel Patrick
My daughter is Margaret Katharine

Can't go wrong with any of them. In fact as common as they are, they're actually kind of unusual these days in that they're traditional.


(btw my daughter's bday is May 16th)

Congrats to you and your fam!!



answers from Detroit on

I have an Ava Grace and a Ruby Grace


answers from Dallas on

Elizabeth (you could call her Ellie or Elle for short)

I like Christian and Christopher both, good choice!



answers from St. Louis on

since you have used traditional names for your other children, I would focus more on that for this new baby.

I prefer Christian over Christopher.

I love Ashley Grace! It flows beautifully & is not overdone in today's world. Ella, Elle are both well-used names right now, but you could combine it as Ashley Elle or Ashley Ella.

I do have many other names which I really enjoy: Delany is one of my all-time favs! This is my niece's name & it's perfect for her. I met a family several years ago who's DD was Ashlynn Skye which is very unusual. & using the name McCabe for a boy's middle name is interesting, too!


answers from New York on

I like Christopher. I also like Ashley. Ashley with Noelle or Grace as a middle name sounds good to me. (As long as everything goes nicely with your last name).



answers from Springfield on

I think just "Elle" on it's own makes a great name! We found a lot of great names by looking back at older names that had fallen out of popularity - We wound up with two boys, Oliver and Calvin, and there are plenty of names of both genders that aren't as common anymore, but still beautiful!


answers from Washington DC on

Our daughter's name was to be Alexis Catherine.

I also like the name Samantha Noelle.

I personally think Christian and Christopher are over-used. You will find at least 2 in a classroom with him. So when the teacher or someone says Christopher - he won't know which one. Just like Nicholas (my youngest son's name) there are 2 more in his class room.


I really like the name Dane - that's good!!! It's strong and masculine. I like Issac and Charles - which can be hard for some kids - but Chuck and Charlie are the nick names mostly used with it.

Look through your family history and see names might find one that jumps out at you and "that will be all she wrote!"

good luck!


answers from Dover on

I like Matthew James or Matthew Charles. Since you like Christopher, what about Christopher Matthew or Matthew Christopher?

For a girl, Cheyenne Nicole or Madison Cheyenne.



answers from New York on

Hi C.,
My daughter's names are Kara Lynn (yes two first names) and Dakota. I'm also Kristal with a "k" and "i" and my sister a Karisa. My brother is a Kristopher so I like your boy name. You're welcome to use any of them. :-)

I love Grace and Abigial, those were two names that I had picked that hubby didn't agree to. I also love Autumn, just reminds me of the leaves changing and all the beauty that comes with it.

Best of luck!



answers from Bellingham on

Brielle, Briley, Emmaline, Violet, Emily... Those are pretty names. I personally like the name Harper for a girl, but my hubby wouldn't go for it for our daughter...



answers from Washington DC on



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