What Are YOUR Favorite Names?

Updated on November 29, 2012
L.A. asks from Herndon, VA
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Hi everybody! I know I'm absolutely killing you with all of my name questions lately, so I thought I'd make a fun little thread that everybody can enjoy. I want YOU to tell me what your favorite baby names are! They can be boy, girl, or ambiguous names! You can tell me WHY you like the names that you do, what type of person you picture when you think of the name, where you found the name, what the meaning of the name is, etc, etc......anything you'd like to tell me, really! Have fun! :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much to everybody who answered this question, or any of my previous ones. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm being a little obsessive over this. I'm not trying to be annoying or crazy; I just really enjoy discussing names. As an author, character names are always on my mind, and this community has been very helpful and responsive with my questions on the subject. As previously stated, I apoligize if I am annoying anybody. This will be my last question regarding baby names. Again, thanks so much for all of your opinions! :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I think most names that don't cause a snicker to happen in my brain are nice. So, yeah... more traditional names for me. Doesn't matter if it is Irish, English, or whatever else... but traditional.
I love Genevieve that Jo W. mentioned. I have friends with Gabrielle and also Gabriella. Like those too. My daughter shares my name (Victoria) but she goes by Allison. One of her good friends is also a Victoria and goes by that. I also love names like Catherine and Caroline. I am not so much a fan of the "newer" sounding names like Haley or Cheyenne or Jasmine. They are ok, but not me or my taste.

Same with boys names... I do like names like Colin, Aaron (my son), Michael, Joseph, Bradley, James, Matthew, etc. I am not a fan of the foo foo names for boys like Jonathan. Just sounds a little prissy for my taste. And if I run into another Zach..... ugh.... just way too overdone, in my book.

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answers from St. Louis on

I love normal names and I am usually compelled to make fun of the crazy names.

My youngest is Genevieve named after her great grandma. The hospital has a practice of putting the babies foot print with their name above it on the wall. By the time we left there were five other babies named Genevieve so I assume other people like the name as well. :)

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answers from Dallas on

my favorite girl's name is Julianna (short a sound)...yes, it is my daughter's name.

I had that name chose several years before I even thought about having kids....I had graduated from college with a teaching degree but since it was December and the school year was already in full swing, I did some subbing where I was living in Birmingham, AL. One particular class would call me often because frankly, no one would step foot in the class. It was a special needs class with downs kids as well as autistic kiddos. Anyway, my very first day in the class, this beautiful little autistic girl of about 7 who looked exactly like the child who played Bonnie Blue Butler on Gone With the Wind bit me, kicked me, spit on me, slapped me, punched me, pulled my hair, pinched, did everything you could imagin to me LOL She talked about herself in the 3rd person..."Julianna wants chicken, Julianna wants crackers", etc. This was literally the first autisitc child I had ever met and honestly I was stunned by this type of behavior I had never seen before plus the fact that she was so perfect physically but so absent mentally. Anyway, I went home that day and talked continually about this child to my husband. I told him that night that if we ever had a daughter, her name would be Julianna, three years later, it was.

For the last 14 years of my daughter's life, she has received countless comments about the beauty of her name. It's classy and feminine yet gentle. Some people like trendy, some people like more old fashioned :-)

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answers from Dallas on

This is your 6th question on names.

Have you not yet figured out what your characters will be called.

I fell for it once.... not again.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm not sure what your deal is, but I think all these questions (essentially the SAME question) in the past 24 hours about names is borderline OCD, not "fun."
Go to this website
and you can spend hours and hours reading about names and their meanings!

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answers from Seattle on

OH MY GOD!!!! Seriously? Stop it.
This isn't a fun question. You are still picking our brains for some kind of heroine name. Read a name book and pick one already.

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answers from Houston on

I'm a little partial to my kids names ;)
Forrest Ethan and Farrah Elizabeth

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answers from Chicago on

My favorite names are my kids names:

Annalise-I came across it when I was in high school and loved it. When I met my husband he told me he liked the name Elise. I told him about Annalise and he liked it even better. Picking her name was so easy!

Joshua: I have always loved this name. Had to convince my husband, fight for it really.

Brendan: My husband suggested this for a boys name with our first baby. Since she was a girl, we didn't use it. I fought for Joshua for our first son, so we went back to this for our second son. He sometimes gets called Brandon, but overall I'm glad we chose that name.

My other favorites and the ones I would have used for this baby I just lost are: Madeline Grace or Ian Michael.

I also like:



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answers from Seattle on

There are hundreds of books written on this topic alone. No one vote is going to persuade anyone in one direction. And really, there are no just baby names, as babies grow up and become adults.

I recommend you make a list of your least favorite names first and figure out why you don't like them. For me, at the top of the 'no like' list is Cybil.

Then start a narrowing down what you like about names. Do you like made up names, like the African Americans? Do you like names with multiple syllables, single syllables, hard consonant starts, soft vowel starts?


Is L. your real name or is it a fictitious name?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Phoebe, Dakota, Carson and Gabrielle for girls

Holden and Phoenix for boys

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hannah, Sophie, Josie, Charlotte, Kate
Michael, Leo, Jack, Jake, Ben, Sam

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answers from Detroit on

I know how it is trying to find the perfect name- I drove my family and friends Crazy! I did a lot of research, but you need opinions!
Our kids are Melia, Kaden, Grace, and Annelise. Had no idea each time that they were popular choices-especially poor Kaden- he's a boy, but has both boys and girls in his school with the name.
I wanted to name Kaden Edison- but my cousin used that one a few years before. I also have a cousin that named her girls Marin and Elaina- so those were out for me!I have a friend who's name is half of her paternal grandmother's and half her maternal grandmothers. Very unique and meaningful. Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Yes lots of questions on names. I can understand to a point. My stepfather is an author. It takes him awhile to figure out the perfect name. He's got some great ones. Some names just stick with you from books. Scout( Mockingbird), Heathcliff( Heights), Darcy( P&P), Clarice(Lambs),Jo( Little W.)etc..

Good luck finding yours!

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answers from Kansas City on

When I was pregnant with our daughter we had Jessica picked out. No particular reason, we just liked it.
My husband's grandmother lived in another state and he would call her every Sunday to say hello. Every week she would ask, "How's my little Ellen Louise?" Which would have been my father in law's name had he been a girl. Anyway, my husband would laugh and remind her that we were naming her Jessica.
Something stuck and we literally changed our mind, in the hospital and now have an Ellen Nicole.

YEARS later, I found out that Ellen is a family name on my side. My great-great grandmother was a Rose Ellen, but my mom only knew 'Grandma Rose'. There are also several Ellen Elizabeth's or Elizabeth Ellen's.

I believe it was divine guidance for us to change her name, which is now very unique as a teenager.


answers from Reno on

My daughters name is Annaliese, my hubby picked it.
we named our son Gary after his daddy and grandpa.



answers from Cincinnati on

Carrisa, Leighton, Annabelle, Bella, Nicole, Carle
Corey, Kirk


answers from Grand Forks on

My favourite boys names are all variations of John-Evan, Owen, Iain, Ewan and Sean. I only had one girls name picked out, Morgan. It could be a girls name or a boys name.


answers from Seattle on

Lennon, For who else but John Lennon:)...only for a Girl

Jack(girl or boy).....I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fanatic. Since we had boys and my husband hates the name....we did not get a ''Jack''

Zero........Was my pick for my first......The meaning behind it for me is truly personal and I took a ton of heat for even putting it on the table.....

I have two kiddo's with unique names........My middle kiddo is Gieger(guy-ger) and my youngest is Zephyr(Zefer)

I like anything that is a kick in the pants different when it names. A unique name shows alot of character from the parents.

I would have a hundred kids, just to name them:)


answers from Rochester on

Well, my girls are Elizabeth Asenath and Alice Shire, so I really like those names. ;)

Other than that, I love the names Shiloh, Paul, Henry...for boys...and I'm sure there are others.

Any more girls...I like Eunice, Ingrid, Mayme, and several others that just aren't coming to mind.



answers from New York on

For a boy I really like the name Nicholas.

My son has a special, somewhat unusual family name for a first name. I decided to make his middle name Nicholas, both because I like it so much and also as a fallback in case he didn't care for his first name and wanted something more "normal".

If I had a girl, I would have named her Liana. I have no idea where I first came across that name, but I have always liked it. Kind of a cross between Diana and Linda.



answers from New York on

I tend to like names that are unusual but have a long history as names:

Adlai, Gideon, Josiah, Lev

Phoebe, Sorel, Delphi, Verity, Sarai



answers from Seattle on




answers from Sacramento on

Shea, Iris, Isabelle, Danica for girls

David, Ronin, Jonah, Parker for boys

Two of these are my kid's names, and the others I just like for no particular reason. :)

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