Finally a Boy and at a Loss for Names.

Updated on November 11, 2011
K.A. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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Hi there :)

I'm pregnant with my first boy (5th child, we have 4 older girls) and am due on Christmas Day. We are having a really difficult time with names. There have been a lot we liked, but I really wanted a name that kind of "fit" with our family. My name is long and very fem, and I have a short nickname (which are the types of names we chose for our daughters) while my husband's name is short and very masculine, so we thought maybe a boys name that fit that category would be good.

our daughters names are: Jacqueline (Jax), Genevieve (Ginny), Elisabeth (Lissy or Babe) & Cecilia (Ceci)

On our boys name list we have:

Milo- I prn this my-low although someone said today its supposed to be mee-low, and I don't think I like that...


Xavier- I prn this ex-zavier opposed to zavier or javier, wdyt? too complex?

Xander- or is this too much of a nn to Alexander?

William nn Liam- I think this kind of "goes" with the girls names although it doesn't follow the "short" rule

Maximilian nn Max- same as above.

WDYT?! Dying for opinions!

EDITED: my hubbys name is Todd

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answers from Detroit on

William Todd with Will only as a nickname. People catch on if you only refer to him as Will. Like, Hey, I saw Billy at the playground the other day. You, Yeah. Wasn't Will doing great on the swings?

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answers from Chicago on

My friend has a son named Titus, nn is Ty
My nephew is Alexander - Alex
Andrew - Drew
Samuel - Sam
Timothy - Tim
Anthony - Tony or Ant
Thomas - Tom
Richard - Rick/Ricky
Philip - Phil
Robert - Rob/Robbie/Bob
Benjamin - Ben/Benny
Nathan - Nate

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answers from Seattle on

I"ve never heard Milo pronounced mee-lo, that's silly! I like it, but like Roman, Xander, William, Max, and Liam best. I'd do Maxwell instead of Maximilian. Xander is pretty recognized on its own these days but can be a nn for Alexander. I also like Evan, Elliott, Hayden, Jack, Mason, Preston, Ryan, Gabriel (Gabe), Blake, Nathan (Nate!), and Drew (nn for Andrew if you wanted that option)!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Call me an old fashioned traditionalist, but what is your husband's name?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We have the opposite of you...4 boys and 1 girl. We have a common last name so we attempted to choose not so common first names. When they were born the older 2 boys names were not popular but have become so over the years. All four are Chase, Mason, Dallas and Zander. Middle names are Eliot, Jarek, Christopher and Christian.

Other names we considered were Asher nn Ash, Grey, Declan, Brett and my husbands personal favorite Magnus.

A friend just had her 3rd boy and his name is Quinn, her other boys are Riley and Aiden.

I'm obviously partial to Z(X)ander and I absolutely love all your girls names!

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answers from Redding on

Your girl names are very elegant.
I'm not feeling anything with your boy names.
I think Oliver (Ollie) or Sebastian (Bastian) would be good boy names as well as Hunter (Hunt) and Zane (no nick req'd)
Out of the ones you have, I'd go with William, I think it fits best with your girls.

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answers from Detroit on

I vote William, since it's a classic traditional name that would "go" with the names you have for your daughters. Why not go with William and shorten it to Will? Liam is still short too!

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answers from Chicago on

Why not Liam.. It is a nice Irish name.

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answers from Detroit on

I was voting for Max but then you have the Max/Jax thing going on. The Alexander/Zander/Xander or even Alex is good. Andrew/Drew, William/Will, Rocco/Roc, Marcus/Marc
Good luck in your "quest"! Congrats on your new arrival too!



answers from Minneapolis on

I vote Max....but I would have a full name as Maxwell no maximilian


answers from Salt Lake City on

My Favs you've shared are:

Alexander (you could go Alex or Xander-Zander for short; however you would spell that)
William (Will or Liam for short)

Todd makes a great middle name for both of these first names as long as it flows with the last name.

Congrats on having a Boy!



answers from Charlotte on



answers from Las Vegas on

I love Liam!
And congratulations on a BOY!!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I am done having kids and have always loved the following names but hubby wouldn't agree to any of them...dang it!

Coop - Some people need it to be Cooper w/Coop as the bn

Wylie- Love this! Compromised and named #2 Wyatt but often call him 'Wylie-Wyatt :)



~Hubby says all my boys names sound like bull riders' names! Ha!



answers from New York on

I like William best of your choices but it is very common. My daughter is Sarah and it is a little too popular (she was named for a friends or we would have picked something else). I like Alexander for boy too.



answers from Sacramento on

Love Milo, Roman. Like Max, but know a few Max's so it may be too common, unless that doesn't matter. I also really like William, but I like Will for a short name vs Liam.

We had Ronin on my son's baby name list. I still love that name!!

Good luck! Boy names are hard! And congratulations!



answers from Detroit on

The names you've listed seem French. Here's the list. I'll be listening for one of them at a park! Best wishes with the baby.



answers from Houston on

I too was at a loss for boy husband decided this one and i love it (Dylan).....but for awhile there i was stumbling over other choices (Max, Parker, Sylas, Gage, and Samson)

I like the names you have picked.....all of them and their variations besides xander ( that is if i read it right and your last name is Alexander)


answers from Washington DC on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Milo - and I say it My-lo too...not me-lo. So cute! Love the names :).


answers from Seattle on

I think that the name Roman fits well with your daughter's name. I think Rowan is a great name too even though it's not on your list and it's similar to Roman. You can call him Row for short.



answers from Texarkana on

we are naming our boy ( due Dec 27) Jensen i love it and its not a common name , funny we had milo and xander on our list of names too lol



answers from Detroit on

Love the fact that you are going with some thing less common( from the Mom of Casper Charlie and Azaria Isis!).
Personally I love Milo, Xavier and Max. I really don't get the whole naming the same as the dad then calling him Jr, but perhaps that's because I am not American and it seems a particularly corny American thing to do - I have never heard anyone do it in Great Britain.
Good luck with your new arrival......


answers from New York on got alot of suggestions nobody said my son's name, which I think is a well known name. Tyler. Ty for short. Fits your category imo.

I also love Alexander/Alex and Andrew/Andy. I love Liam too but have always felt it sounds Irish, and since I'm not Irish I'd feel like I was trying to be if I named my son that! LOL!

I do not like some of the other names suggested. Of course this is a very subjective thing!



answers from Louisville on

what about something like Scott??



answers from Dallas on

Congratulations on your baby boy!! :)

I like William because it goes well with your dds names, nn Liam or Will. I love the name Liam.
Roman is a good, strong name, too.

I don't care for Milo, Xavier or Xander. Sorry.



answers from Philadelphia on

We have 4 girls too, if i was to have a boy it would be a jr. Congrats on the boy :)



answers from Los Angeles on

I love the name Liam.



answers from Philadelphia on

I love xander!! Or Zander. also, Milo and Xavier!



answers from Washington DC on

Of your list, my favorite is William. You could Even just do Will or Liam as the base name.That would work with your 'short' requirement.

Don't like names that start with X. People tend to mispronounce them ALL the time.

Other choices would be


answers from Boca Raton on

-Milo- don't like at all
- Roman-very cute (my son's best friend is Roman and you it's not very common)
-Xavier- I like it because it's different
-Xander- very cool (my son has a friend Xander, short for Alexander)
William/Liam- to common
Max- to common

I like any name that's NOT common :0)

My SIL has 4 girls and got her boy on #5 :0)



answers from San Diego on

I love the name Xander! I went to school with a boy named Xavier (another name I like). In elementary school Xavier by sixth grade went by "X" which all the kids thought was totally cool. He kept that nickname until he got into high school where he became Xavier again. Good luck!


answers from Dayton on

I like Milo...I have always pronounced it My-lo. Milo and Otis. I think that person is wrong. ;)
And William. I like Will a little better than Liam though.
Roman, Xander and Xavier (Ex-zavier to me too) are ok. Just not my style.
Don't care for Maximilian. It's a little corny to me.
I used to have a friend named Todd. Lol. He hated his name...made fun of it all the time.
HTH! Congrats!!!


answers from Tulsa on

Of your names, I like William or Liam. But Liam by itself, not as a nickname of William.

Some other ideas:


I also like strong masculine names for boys. :)



answers from Detroit on

I personally love Xander!!!!!


answers from Norfolk on

Well, Milo is the main character in The Phantom Tollbooth and I always heard it pronounced (in the movie) My-low.
(Never heard of Mee-low for that. Would that be a Japanese pronunciation?)

Alexander nn could be Xander (makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but I think Alex or Al are more common although you could go by Lex (would be in common with Lex Luther - a superman bad guy).

Maximillion (or even Maximus) nn Max

Other longer names with short nick names:

Jonathan nn Jon

Frederick nn Fred or Rick

Zachery or Zachariah nn Zack

Leonardo nn Leo

William nn Will, Willy, Bill, Billy - is very popular. I've heard of Liam as a name on it's own but not as a nn for William.



answers from Chicago on

I too love nicknames for longer names. My 2nd son is Beckett and we call him Becks. I get lots of compliments on it. My other son is Maddox. I always thought I would call him Max for short but we just call him Maddox. Good luck!

I love Xander and William off your list!



answers from Philadelphia on

I love William the best of your choices, but I'd call him Will for short not Liam.



answers from Washington DC on

Not sure if you're looking for a long name and then having a nickname, or a short name like your husband's? But if it's the short name you're going for I love the name Brice! Todd Jr. would be cute - you could call him TJ.



answers from Lexington on

I love Maximilian--MAX is so cute!!! But William is a really strong name with a lot of nick name options. Maximilian fits with your girls names best (excluding Elisabeth) as they aren't super traditional American sounding names (IMO), whereas William is just a traditional name period. I really like Liam, but Will is super cute too! Good luck!!



answers from Saginaw on

Before I even read your list I was going to suggest Maximilian/Max!! love that!!

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