Boy Names: Tween

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11 Year Old Boy "Dating"

C.C. asks from Houston

OK - I need some guidance. I have an 11 year old boy who's very interested in girls. I have always been as open & honest with him in regards to anything he has ever w...


My 12 Year Old Being Bullied at School

S.P. asks from Boston

My 12 year old son came home from school very emotional. He did not want to tell us what happened. He finally did tell us that he was pushed to the ground and hit by ...


Seeking Kind Words and Support While Parenting a 12 Year Old

D.R. asks from Austin

I have written before about my 12 year old son. He will start middle school next year. He has always been kind, loving, and helpful. He does well in school, has a f...


Baby Names

N.P. asks from Portland

(Hi this is N. (Sierra's mom 12 year old girl) Sierra Has lately been loving to planning everything she wants to do in her life. Where she is going to live what pets ...


Just Found Out Im Having a Baby Boy! I Need Names.

D.C. asks from Birmingham

I am having a boy and I had myself convinced that it was a girl. So I have no names picked. Please help. I bought a book but most of the names are crazy.


Children's Names

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi guys, My two boys have very popular names and I hear them everywhere! I named my son Aiden before it got popular and really loved the name, but now I hear aide...


Boy Names That Start W/ 'A'

K.S. asks from Houston

We are expecting our 2nd son in May. The first is named Aiden Nicholas and we would like to find another 'A' name that goes well with Aiden & is not as common as Aar...


Baby Boy Names

M.P. asks from New York

I am having my first boy (after 3 girls) in two weeks and as of yet he doesn't have a name! My husband and I cannot seem to agree on anything. To be honest, it is m...


Baby Girl Names Are Stressing Me Out!

J.T. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas! I know, I know, we still have four months to name this baby girl, but I am soooooo wanting to name her now. :) I thought we had our name picked out. M...


How Much Freedom to Give to 13 Year Old Boy?

A.M. asks from Evansville

Hi ladies. My fiance has a 13 year old son who has recently moved in with us. We're finding that he is quite the ladies man and a lot of the adolescent girls are inte...