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Baby Name Poll

M.H. asks from Raleigh

Hello Ladies! I saw a post earlier about a baby name, and it made me think about the names that my hubby and I love for our next child (which hopefully will come s...


Baby Eczema - PLEASE HELP

S. asks from Lansing

My four month old daughter developed eczema about one month ago. I took her to the peds and she diagnosed her with milk protein sensitivity. Ped recommended switch to...


Ainsley Too Weird???

S.P. asks from Kansas City

Hi fellow moms! I am pregnant with #3 and having a huge problem coming up with names for this surprise!! We love names that are kind of unique, and not too popular....


What Do I Need??

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and can't wait!! Any advise on the things you couldn't live without? We have a crib, car seat,...


Adding a Middle Name

E.M. asks from San Diego

can anyone tell me if we plan to name the baby after dad but he has no middle name and we add one is the baby still considered a junior?


Big Brother and Big Sister Ideas

E.S. asks from Amarillo

I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter and a year old son Im expecting another little girl in September. I am wanting to make it a very big special ordeal abo...


Best Gift for Mom of Preemie?

E.G. asks from Boston

I have a coworker who just gave birth to a premature girl. I think she weighs about 3lbs at this point. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good baby gift? I find tha...


Where Do You Shop for Kids Clothes?

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I tried to go clothes shopping today for my kids (daughter is 4, son is 2) and left so frustrated! I went to Kohl's because I had a coupon and they usually have great...


Problem with Keeping Socks on My 8 Month Old

L.A. asks from Washington DC

My 8 month old will not keep his socks on (common problem - I know). It wasn't a big deal, but now that it's starting to get cold, I want him to keep his socks on. ...