Boy Names: Munchkin

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We Have Hubby Nick names...what Are Your Kiddos Nick Names?

E.B. asks from Seattle

Oldest...B-bop, bubby, bubs...Brody my magic in the middle...Jamm, guy-guy, grr grr,grr,my rockin out guy....the two older I combine so they are my be-bop and Jamm...


JFF - Did You Have an in Utero Name for Your Baby?

D.B. asks from Charlotte

On one of the threads, some people mentioned that they didn't care for in utero names. I gave both my babies in utero names - did you? What were they? My younger ...


"The baby"....arrrgh, This Is Vent

E.M. asks from St. Joseph

okay, so maybe it's just me, but I hate when people call a baby "it"...when you or someone is/was pregnant and someone called the baby "it"...It makes me so mad. Like...


Making Baby Food

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mommies! I was wondering if any of you made your baby food. My little love is about 6 months and were are starting solids. Please share any tips, ideas, or re...


How to Respond to Other Children's Reactions to My Baby with Special Needs

J.E. asks from Grand Junction

I was at a playground today with my big girl who is 4 years old and baby girl who is 10 months. Some young boys noticed my littlest munchkin and said something like "...


Nicknames vs Full Name

J.M. asks from Lexington

So my husband and I have started our steps to becoming parents through adoption. We have spent the last few weeks talking about names and have settled, so far on 3 b...


Naming Kids

R.M. asks from New Orleans

How should I spell Raleigh for a Girl? AND How should I spell Cadence for a boy?


I Don't like My Sons Name

A.K. asks from Pocatello

That's right, I don't like the name we picked out for our son. I don't really have a question but I really just need to get this off my chest. I feel like a terrible ...


Will You Please Help Name Our Puppy? (Jff)

C.D. asks from Atlanta

Hello ~~ I know there are a lot of important questions here but I'd like to ask your opinion -- I got a cute little 10 week puppy on Mother's Day which I picked out ...


Suggestions for a Nickname

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I am so over calling this baby "it." With our other two kids we found out the sex, so we could refer to them as "he" or "she." With this one we did not find out and i...