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Please Help Me Choose Between 2 Names!!

C.B. asks from Little Rock

HI!! I'm about 6 months pregnant with my second little girl and my husband and I are having a difficult time trying to decide between two names. My first little gir...


Baby Boy Name Poll

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

We are expecting our 3rd and it's a boy. Our other two children have family names, and we would like to keep the tradition. We are thinking of using a greatgrandmot...


Help Me Name Our Baby Boy!

E.W. asks from New York

Quite the debate going on with my husband.I am 28 weeks, so we still have some time, but not too long. Mason, Parker and Hudson are the names we like. Mason is my ...


"Off Brand" Disposable Diapers

M.D. asks from Nashville

Updated question: So if I buy the Target brand, and he is wearing a size 5 in the Luv's, what size should I get him from Target? Thanks so much ladies!!!! I ...


Help with Middle Name and Additional Spellings

A.M. asks from Louisville

I am due in 3 weeks, and we are not sure what we are having. We have our girl name picked out just fine, it is the boy we are having so much trouble with. This week...


POLL: Child Gender....

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

I'm just curious how many who had 2 same sex children went on to have a 3rd also the same sex. I have two boys and am thoroughly happy and in love with them. We are...


Store Brand Verses Name Brand

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

I have noticed such a difference in price when comparing name brand diapers and toiletries to store brand items. I have even seen Breck baby toiletries at the dollar...


Brands of Diapers

C.W. asks from Cincinnati

I am going to be a breat grandma in February or so. I am wanting to buy dispossible diapers and turn them into a diaper cake as a gift for the shower. What brands do ...


Toddler Pointing Out Private Parts

V.J. asks from Phoenix

My 27 month old son has suddenly become very aware of private parts. He points out my boobs, butt, and pee-pee almost every day. There have been a few times when we'v...