Boy Names: The First Years

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Names: Love It or Too Weird??

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

Our second daughter is due in just a couple months...We had the hardest time naming our first, but finally came up with Lilliana Bree, which I love so much! She mostl...


A Boy Named Rush

J.I. asks from San Antonio

What are your first impressions if you met a boy named Rush? What about a man named Rush? Would you think that his parents love the band Rush? Would you assume his...


Am I Spoiling My Baby??

J.D. asks from Chicago

I am a first time mom to a beautiful 5 week old daughter. My husband and I were told by our pediatrician that we should let her cry so we don't spoil her. I was alw...


Thoughts on Naming Your Child a Popular Baby Name?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

From previous questions I've posted, you may know that my husband and I are struggling to find a name for our baby boy due in July. We've run the gamut with names an...


Your Baby Can Read. Tv

L.D. asks from Hartford

Hi Moms, I just saw this commercial on tv about a program that you use at home to teach your baby to read. As with any good infomercial, it had several examples sho...


Baby Eczema - PLEASE HELP

S. asks from Lansing

My four month old daughter developed eczema about one month ago. I took her to the peds and she diagnosed her with milk protein sensitivity. Ped recommended switch to...


Baby Rings?

S.W. asks from Greenville

I was reading on another page about bath rings, for babies that can now sit up. Anyone know what that is or looks like?


Should Baby of Teenage Parents Have Father's Last Name?

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I'm asking this question for a pregnant teenage friend of the family. She is due soon and is not sure she will give the baby girl the father's last name. The qu...


Have You Heard of the "My Baby Can Read" Program?

A.H. asks from New York

I saw something on tv about this program called "my baby can read" which teaches babies and infants to read and understand what the words are. Have you heard of it? ...


Tension in Relationship Due to New Baby

M.B. asks from Casper

My boyfriend and i have been together for just over two years now.Having a child is a life changeing event, as we have come to find out. Our son was born in march, a...