Boy Names: Snugli

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Fussy Baby!

C.L. asks from Abilene

Hello Moms!!! I am hoping some of you have some advice for me. My son is 5 weeks old today and seems to be very fussy, especially in the evening. He wants to constant...


Creative Baby Shower Gift

J.N. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I am looking to put together a creative baby shower gift for a friend who is having her first child. Have you attended a recent shower and thought, "wow ...


What Do I Need??

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and can't wait!! Any advise on the things you couldn't live without? We have a crib, car seat,...


Weekend Schedule of Siblings with Big Age Differences

A.F. asks from New York

My oldest is almost five and a half and I just had a baby four months ago. I would like to know what a typical weekend looks like for the age gap of a five year old a...


HELP!! Colic!!

H.F. asks from Nashville

MY one month old is colicy and only happy when I am holding him against my chest. We are using Gripe Water, but I can't change that position with him. I love the clos...