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What Is the Best Brand for Bottles? Avent?

Hey there. We are pregnant with our third baby and looking for what kind of bottles we want to buy. I have heard good things about the Avent bottles, but before I make any purchases I would love to know what kind of bottles you used for your baby and if you liked them or not. Thanks so much! :)

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Car Bottle Warmer

Has anyone used a car bottle warmer that actually works? I purchased one from Target and it barely works after "warming" for over 45 minutes. Thanks moms!


What Bottle Is Best?

My sister-in-law just had her first baby. When she goes back to work I'm...


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Do You Shop at Target? (Vent)

I love Target and i've been shopping there for a long time, but lately something they've been doing with their prices is irritating the heck out of me. Ok when i shop I automatically tend to look for sale prices. Recently Target has been pulling this trick of putting the 'now' price tag clipped in front of the old one on the shelves. Only the 'was' tag has the same exact price! I'll give an example: Let's say a box of cereal has a tag on the shelf in front of it and it says 'was $4.29, now $3.99'. Behind it is the old tag, i move the new...