Car Bottle Warmer

Updated on October 18, 2010
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
7 answers

Has anyone used a car bottle warmer that actually works? I purchased one from Target and it barely works after "warming" for over 45 minutes.

Thanks moms!

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answers from Wichita on

we used one and it was worthless. We started getting the similac singles for trips, and using room temperature water we'd pre-poured into bottles. Our dd never had a problem taking room temperature bottles.


answers from Dallas on

I had one (from either Target or Walmart, don't remember) when ODS was a baby. It was worthless. Took FOREVER to just slightly warm up a bottle.



answers from Huntsville on

Nope. We only had one, made by The First Years. It was awful too. You had to plan waaay ahead that you were going to need a warm bottle!

If the milk were maybe in a pouch (plastic storage bag) I wonder if that would have worked better to warm it up, then put in into a bottle. It just seemed like it was warming the physical bottle instead of the milk inside it.



answers from St. Louis on

Forget the bottle warmer and get your baby used to room temperature or even straight from the fridge formula. We warmed them when I was weaning from breastfeeding, but just allowed them to be a little cooler each time. There are so many crazy gadgets out there, we just wanted to find a way to simplify! Good luck to you!


answers from Seattle on

We had a First Years one and it only worked to keep the bottle warm...not to warm up a cold if we were going out and knew we would need a bottle, I would make a HOT bottle then keep it in the warmer for the trip/ drive and it would do OK in keeping it warm...



answers from Kansas City on

I used to heat water in the microwave every morning and put in a steel coffee thermos for the day. Carried the thermos with us and an empty bottle in the diaper bag. you still have to check and make sure the bottle isn't too hot especially the first few bottles of the day so sometimes would make the bottle 10 minutes before I thought the baby would be getting hungry and let it cool down or if we were somewhere that had running water I would run cold water over the bottle to cool it down quicker but was so much easier to cool it down than waiting for a bottle to warm up in a warmer and you had instant warm water available in the middle of the night too.

That was the best thing idea we ever came up with and made it so convenient wherever we were at we didn't have to worry about finding water or trying to heat it somehow.

I think the heavy duty steel thermos cost 20.00 and was well worth it and seemed to keep the water warm longer than the plastic ones.



answers from Kansas City on

We've used "The First Years" bottle warmer for awhile with no problems. My son has a feeding disorder and we had to thicken his liquids, which took longer to warm than a "normal" bottle. I could get one of his cold, thickened bottles warmed up in about 20 minutes with this warmer.

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