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Updated on December 20, 2012
S.G. asks from Redmond, WA
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I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and went shopping for necessary baby items. But going to the stores only add to my confusion. There are whole bunch of bottles out there. but which one is the best? I plan to breastfeed exclusivelybut still want to have a bottle around for the occasional bottle-feeding. So I am seeking recommendations for bottles which we are easy to switch to and fro from breast to bottle. Also I would like to know which ones are a complete no-no. The brands that I could find are playtex, avent, similac, tommy tippee, evenflo, nuk, MAM, first years breastflow tech, Dr. brown's comotomo silicone, newbee, born free and soooo on...

Thanks in advance!!

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answers from Provo on

We did the same as Dawn by buying one of a few different bottle brands to see which one the baby would take. I always had better luck with the nipples that have a wider base. You can use the wider based bottle nipples to teach the baby to open their mouth wider for breastfeeding too. Once we found one that the baby liked we bought a set of nipples in every size. Since I was primarily breastfeeding it worked out fine to only use the one bottle, but I did want to have an extra nipple on hand in each size in case one got cracked. If it cracks near the hole, the flow becomes messy and can be too fast.

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answers from Miami on

Babies respond differently to different bottles. There is nothing wrong with buying several different kinds.

If I had not had at least one bottle and one can of formula when I was a new mom with my first child, I would have been in trouble because I was throwing up with a fever in the middle of the night when he was 4 weeks old, and could not nurse. (I was gagging up over his face.) I was so sick that the doctor told me not to nurse til I was better - he was worried about the baby. The baby would have cried all night without that bottle.

Both of my kids took breast or bottle with no issues. I personally don't believe that offering both to infants causes "nipple confusion". It is important to nurse enough that your milk doesn't dry up. For moms who can pump, it's an added benefit.

Just pick 4 or 5 and wash them and keep them handy.

Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

My kids did good with Advent. Also had them at hand since my daughter pretty much refused to nurse the first three weeks so I was pumping for her!
The only ones I really stayed away from were the old school with the yellow nipple ones. (don't remember the brand name)
Thankfully she figured it out and we went to breast, but having the bottle was a lifesaver!

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answers from New York on

If you're breastfeeding and going to offer pumped milk (not in the early weeks, please), I suggest the Avent nipples.

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answers from Springfield on

When my oldest was born we just bought the cheapo bottle at Walmart (Parent's Choice brand). We didn't know what we were doing, but our son did just fine with it. Our youngest had a medical issue that required us to use Dr. Brown's. He did great, but those things cost about 3-4 times as much as Parent's Choice and Gerber (and probable other brands).

Personally, I would try the cheap ones and if baby doesn't like it try another brand. Most (not all) babies do just fine no matter what bottle you choose.

When I took a breast feeding class before my oldest was born, it was recommended that we not introduce a bottle (or pacifier) until baby is at least 4 weeks old. So when the nurses took my oldest to the NICU less than an hour after he was born and told me they were giving him a bottle of formula, I started to panic. He did fine!!! I gave my youngest a bottle when he was just 3 days old. He did fine!!! Also, I have talked many, many moms who waited the recommended 4 weeks and then struggled with getting baby to take a bottle. I haven't taken a scientific pole, but I highly recommend offering the bottle very early on. I breast fed both my boys, but Daddy would often give them a bottle when he got home from work. He liked it because it was his time with his son. I liked it because I enjoyed a break and because I wanted to be able to leave him with Grandma occasionally.

Good luck, and congratulations!


answers from Minneapolis on

I have done home childcare for many years, and my opinion is there are WAY to many bottles marketed! Everyone has one and even each brand, like Playtex that has been around forever, has a bazillion kinds that do not work together, each need their own super specific stuff. Ugh!

My best advice, just pick one or 2 that are a WIDE nipple. Do not invest a ton of money into buying full starter sets, etc. Your child just may not like what you buy. I have dealt with breastfed daycare babies for over 15 years and with many of them have had to try 3, 5 or even 8 different bottles before finding one they like. With some they arrive to me at 6-12 weeks with one set already, but many do not as they nurse exclusively at home.

Every baby is so so different, you just can not predict how things will go.

Right now, my 2 breastfed babies use different ones. One uses the Playtex Wide silicone Ventaire. The other uses a bottle made by Medela, who makes breast pumps (they are a narrow type of nipple like an "old fashioned" bottle I used with my now 18 year old daughter when there were few choices!). So your child could go either way! LOL

Best of luck and congrats on your little miracle!



answers from Chicago on

We have 2 kids and two different bottles.

We had Playtex nursers for my son, they made him gaesy. We switched to advent

We had advent with my daughter, she had issues with nursing and bottle.. then we switched to the First years breast Flow.. We loved these bottles because it simulated nursing in the way that they worked.

I would go with the first yers breastflow, but you might have to switch depending on the kid.

FYI- both my kids had bottles in the hospital. Mostly Breast Milk.. My son did a great job nursing, my daughter no so much. But to this day she is the slowest eater on the plant..:)




answers from Seattle on

i would suggest a glass bottle. plastic leaches all kinds of toxins (not just BPA).. hormone disruptors etc. good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

with working with kids for 25+ years, I swear by the Dr Brown brand. I have not had a single colicky baby since the Moms switched to this brand. Love it....



answers from Portland on

I would say that it really depends on the kiddo. Both of mine would only take a latex nipple, which is what they give you in the hospital. We found that the Playtex Dropins are the best for colic and gas because you can make sure all the air is out since they don't know how to tip up the bottle.

We didn't like the Dr. Browns or vented ones because they never stop running out. This way the baby doesn't exactly get air, but they can't breathe while they eat either really.
I would say try a few with the baby and see what s/he thinks. Some are picky, some aren't.



answers from New York on

OMG my DIL and I own every bottle known to mankind. No sure why there are so many out there. It is insane. We finally figured out the nipple had to be completely different than Mom. I think they get confused when they get a bottle that might be like Mom but is not. Then they get frustrated. The one that my granddaughter took was the nipples they use in the hospital thank goodness Amazon sells them.

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