Do YOU Have a Bottle Preference?

Updated on June 24, 2013
C.M. asks from Freeburg, IL
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Started going through my older kids stuff and got to the multitude of bottles we have!!! My first two were breastfed at night and bottle fed during the day. We have Medela, Avent, Playtex Drop Ins and Soothie bottles. They never had a preference (doesn't mean the third baby won't)....but hubby will be home with the baby Mon-Thurs and prefers to just have one type of bottle instead of various.

Which type did YOU prefer? I guess I should keep all of them in case this baby does have a preference...just figured I would ask!

I should add that I use the medela breast pump so I do like using their bottles/bottles that fit onto that so I can pump directly into a bottle but it's not a necessity. I love the convenience of drop ins but do not like that you have to have the liners or else no bottle.


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answers from Dallas on

For my son, it wasn't the bottle. It was the nipples. My son refereed NUK nipples, but didn't care what bottle they were on. I used the cheapo Evenflo glass bottles at home, and the cheapo plastic ones out. No inserts, drop ins, tubes, etc. Just a bottle, ring, and nipple. I found them easy to clean. I preferred the glass bottles.

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answers from Dallas on

I had to laugh because when I read this, I thought Kaluah :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Lol - the only one not on your list - Doctor Brown's

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answers from Tampa on

They make adapters that will fit bottles and attach them to the breast sheild so u can pump into other bottles. I had one for my tommee tippee bottles. Just thought you might look into that :)

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answers from Chicago on

My kids all preferred the Playtex dropins. I do wash the liners 2 or 3 times so that saves monehy (hand wash).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure how old your older kids are, but make sure the bottles are BPA-free. Many older bottles weren't, and now those older bottles aren't considered safe.

I like the bottles I had for my first, but ended up buying all new for my second because of the BPA issue. I don't have a brand preference, but I like wide mouth bottles because they are easier to wash.

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answers from New York on

Start with one bottle and nipple and stick with it. Gets too confusing if you keep trying different ones.

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answers from Washington DC on

Miller Lite long-necked bottles! Lol. Ah, but I digress.

Playtex drop-ins, all the way. But the little one will probably have a very strong preference. :) Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

With my son, who I breastfed, he would take a bottle. And I used the "MAM" brand bottles. It is BPA free and a natural nipple and is anti-colic, and does not accumulate air bubbles in it as the baby drinks and my son loved this bottle!
They have it on Amazon, comes in cute colors and is very reasonable and is commonly used in Europe.

My breastfed daughter on the other hand, would NOT NOT NOT, take a bottle, at all. No matter what I tried.
Some babies will not take a bottle.


answers from Wichita on

We used the Playtex Drop Ins system with both of our children. It's our plan for baby #3 (but sometimes babies have other ideas, so we'll see how it goes!).

I preferred drop ins, because as a breastfeeding mother (exclusively) for the first year, and also as a working mom (teacher), I wanted to be able to pump directly into the drop in liner. I didn't want daycare to have to thaw out a big sleeve of milk, pour it into bottles throughout the day (hind/fore milk it getting shook up enough? Did some spill -- painful when you spend so much time pumping, etc.), have some of it go to waste from having too much thawed out, etc. So for my kids, I pumped directly into the drop ins liners, froze them using the Playtext Storage Kit, as soon as the liner was frozen, I took the disks off the top to reuse them, and put the frozen sleeve of milk in to a larger ziplock bag. I would take the large ziplock bags to daycare, where they would pull out a sleeve of milk for each feeding (or two sleeves, depending on baby's needs).

It's also nice to only have the nipples to wash as opposed to a full bottle. The liners do cost money, though, so that could be an expense to consider, but most people pay money for the larger storage bags for their breastmilk anyway.

I suppose a bigger question would be how much long term milk storage will you need to do? That might make a difference with the bottle type you choose. If you pump directly into bottles, you may need quite a few to have enough bottles to pump into. We had 2 Playtex bottles at daycare and 2 at home, and that was sufficient for us, since the liners were the key.



answers from Cleveland on

Soothies is what I preferred n what my daughter preferred

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