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Suggestions on Getting Baby to Take a Bottle Easier.

Help. I just went back to work two weeks ago. I have my 2 mo. old in daycare. She did okay on a bottle at first, now she wont take it much at all. She has a hard time latching on to it. I am afraid she is not getting enough nourishment as she will only take about 3-5 oz. over a 9-10 hr stretch. I think she may be having nipple confusion. Any suggestions?

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Very Premature Daughter Having Touble Separating from the Bottle but Also Having

Very premature daughter having trouble separating from the bottle, but also having trouble sucking on the sippy cup. She really needs to get off the bottle. She has about 8 teeth and she breaks all the nipples. That is the sign it's time to get off, but if I take her off she is having a hard time sucking the sippy cup. Please any suggestions would be great.

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BPA Free Sippy Cup with "Rubber Tip" That Does Not Leak

Hi, I am looking for a good sippy cup that is BPA free that does not have a plastic, but rubber top. I would like one that does not leak. (Used the Gerber before, but found out they are not BPA free.) Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. TS


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Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for...


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His Diaper Rash Is Finally Gone!!!!!

Hi guys does anyone have any recommendations for me? My son just turned one and we are still giving him formula with some cows milk in it. We started with whole milk but it was hurting his belly. so we have been mixing the formula and that now. He has had a diaper rash for a week almost two full weeks. We have used neosporin, butt paste, everything?? He has always wore the same diapers and never had a problem with them. It is bumpy & red and eases up but has not completely disappeared?